It’s almost time for the “DC Comics the New 52” panel at the Emerald City con and we’ll be liveblogging it.

Get ready to start hitting refresh.

The lineup – Larry Ganem, David Finch, Scott Snyder, James Tynion, Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes, Ethan Van Sciver, Gail Simone, James Robinson, Brian Buccellato, Kevin Maguire and Matt Kindt.

More creators than space on the stage.

“Trinity of Sin – Pandora” series by Ray Fawkes and Daniel Sampere announced.

She opened the box that let out all the sins, but maybe the game was fixed.  Now she’s angry and she’s going to “kill and kill and kill.”  She thinks she’s been set up and will kill them to get what she wants.

Finch on JLA – He’s more a fan of this book than some things he’s work on in the past.

Kindt on JLA backups – Martian Manhunter is harder to write than Superman.  Backups feed into the main story.

Snyder on Batman – almost verbatim, the same speech from yesterday.

Tynion on Talon – New arc starting.  More of a supporting cast now.  More exploration of the recent history of the Court of Owls.

Tynion on taking over Red Hood & The Outlaws – He wants to tell a big story that uses the potential to go into crazy directions.  It’s a strange mix of characters, since they come from different genres.

Cheshire will be making her New 52 debut in the series.  Hugo Strange will also be turning up.

Kyle Higgins on Nightwing – Nightwing is moving into Chicago, Higgins can’t say why yet.  It’s the big opus story.  There will be worldbuilding.  All the heroes in the city are dead now and he’ll run into that mystery.

Snyder on Swamp Thing – Big change on the way out and Charles Soule will pick up the change and run with it.

Lemire on Animal Man – New arc about Buddy as a celebrity.

Lemire on Constantine – I’m just co-plotting.

Fawkes on Constantine – It’s Constantine navigating the world of superheroes.  About how dangerous it is to be a magic user in the DCU.  He’s no longer living in London.  He returns to London in #3 and everyone there wants him to die because of [unnamed event].  He gets involved in something big after that.

Lemire on Green Arrow: He wants to build a mythology around Oliver Queen’s past and the island.  He also wants to bring back some Green Arrow villains.

Van Sciver on Batman: The Dark Knight – Writer Hurwitz chose the Mad Hatter, his least favorite Batman villain, so he got to reconfigure him. #18 will have a life-changing decision for Bruce Wayne that DC almost didn’t let them do.

Simone on Batgirl – A new female Ventriloquist is turning up in #20.  Everything comes to a boil in #19 (after Fawkes… ?fill-in issues?), and is the culmination of the Simone’s original arc.

Simone on The Movement – “Completely and totally different.”  Brand new characters.  It’s a superhero adventure comic.  Young dirt poor kids made about corruption.  It’s set in the DCU and is very diverse.  Artist Freddie Williams II thought it felt like a creator-owned comic.

Robinson on Earth-2: The current arc is about Doctor Fate.  He’s building towards a major DCU event in 2014.  A new Batman for Earth-2 debuts in the Annual.  This Batman “will be a major part of the DCU as things unfold.”

Booch on Flash – The Trickster is coming up.  “Who is the Reverse Flash?” will be the next major arc.  No Wally West questions will be answers.

Kevin Maguire has resigned from Worlds’ Finest .

Ah — Stephanie Brown questions banned.

Q & A:

Q: Anymore Starman-related mini’s?

A: The Shade didn’t sell very well.  He’d like to pitch a series with the Immortal characters like Shade, but with Batman as the selling point.

Q: In the New 52, Batman didn’t seem to get a reboot – why was that?

A: Snyder – They had the option to reboot, but they liked it as it was.  Although, going forward they did change a few things.

Q: A Comment – why didn’t you have season 2’s and start at #1s again after the zero issues.

A: They _do_ plan on having Septembers being big deal months in the New 52.  Hints for something BIG in this September.

Q: More stuff like Strange Adventures?

A: Time Warp from Vertigo.

Q: What happened to Booster Gold?

A: Stay tuned.

Q: Earth-2 solo book spin-offs?

A: Stay tuned.

Q: New Atom comic?

A: Stay tuned.

Q: What’s happening in the Batman & Robin – will Wally West be the new Robin.

A: Stay tuned.

Q: More plans to mix the “dark” heroes with the DCU.

A: Big storyline in the JL universe is coming up.

Q: Who’s the new Question?

A: Isn’t that the question?

Q: Will you ever release a comic with Damien as the Batman of the future.

A: Sure? Maybe in the future?

Q: Are we allowed to ask about Cassandra Cain?

A: Yes.

Q: Are we going to see Cassandra Cain again?

A: I’ll make a note that the reception to the idea was positive.


  1. Who the hell is Ray Fawkes and why is DC giving him all these jobs all of a sudden? He came out of no where and they are trying to a list him.

    I’m guessing a Pandora series wont last long.

    Why do DC keep releasing these comics that obviously wont last when they have books in the bank that are almost guaranteed to succeed?
    Shazam, Martian Manhunter, Black Bat, New Gods and probably others. What are they saving them for?

  2. Meserktet: Ray Fawkes wrote the Eisner-nominated and groundbreaking graphic novel “One Soul.” Just because you personally haven’t heard of him doesn’t mean he “came out of no where.”

  3. Yeah there always is.

    And no offense to Ray Fawkes, but Eisner nominated or not his graphic novel is relatively obscure and he appears to have come out of nowhere.

  4. “Have you ever heard of the term “self-fulfilling prophecy”?”

    That seems to be the kind of thought process that’s all too common among editorial departments at ‘Big Two’ comics publishers these days. Almost always bites them in the back end in the long run.

  5. Johnny Memeonic: Ray Fawkes has done a lot of work for a lot of different publishers, including Apocalypstix with Cameron Stewart and the aforementioned One Soul. Both received a lot of coverage at the time of their release. That you haven’t heard of him or them speaks more about you than it does about him. A more reasonable response might be, “a creator who has received accolades for his creator owned work is getting a lot of assignments from DC. Maybe I should check out his stuff” instead of acting put out that you’d never heard of him.

    Also, One Soul is also one of the most visionary and powerful graphic novels in recent years, so you’re missing out.

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