It’s almost time for the “The Amazing, Awesome IDW Panel” at the Emerald City con.  We’ll be liveblogging it.

Get ready to start hitting refresh.

Our cast: Denton Tipton, Joe Harris, Michael Walsh, Mike Costa, Phil Hester and Livio Ramondelli.

Harris on X-Files – He’ll be re-establishing and updating the mythology arc.  There will be some monster of the week, too.

They had a conference call with Chris Carter this week.

Michael Walsh is the artist.  He’ll be starting next week.

“Color Me” Treasury edition of My Little Pony #1 is on the way.  All the covers will be included in the treasury edition.

They will be reprinting a lot of DC’s Cartoon Network books and then doing new material.

Power Puff Girls will be the lead-off book.  Samurai Jack will follow.

Transformers Monstrosity  is the sequel to the Origin of Optimus Prime.  12 part digital series, debuted on Friday.

TMNT will be their FCBD book, based on the Nickelodeon cartoon.  There will a series for cartoon continuity in July.

Also a Judge Dredd FCBD book with the classic strips.

“City Fall” is the next big “regular” TMNT arc in May.  Metteo Santa Luco (sp?) is the new artist.

Star Trek – prequel mini-series will lead into the new movie.

GI Joe – 3 news series.

*GI Joe by Van Lente and Kurth – the main team after being exposed to the world
*Special Missions – Chuck Dixon / Paul Gulacy
*Cobra Files – Costa/Fuso

Costa on Cobra Files – continuing the story from the Cobra book.  All 3 books in the relaunch have a personality.  GI Joe is the “superhero” book.  Special Missions is the S.E.A.L. special ops book.  Cobra Files is black ops.

It will have double agents inside Cobra trying to take it down.  It’s about espionage and the emotional consequences.  Flint is the only real good guy in it.

Creator owned books:

Half-Past Danger – 6 issues by Stephen Moody.  WWII pulp with dinosaurs.

Wild Blue Yonder – 5 issues in June SF with air pirates

The Colonize – 4 issues in April – Zombies

Monkeybrain’s Edison Rex in print in June.

Phil Hester will be writing THUNDER Agents.  The artist hasn’t been determined yet.

Hester – He’s approaching it as something that’s happening now, but has a classic look to it.


Q: How do you approach licensed projects?

A: By finding creators who are passionate for the property.

Costa – He has much better working relationship with Hasbro than he’s usually seen with licensed comics.  He’s not sure he could his story arc on the main title, but as a side book, he’s given some freedom.

Q: How is the X-Files starting?

A: It’s tied to the past and they’re forced back into the field. Doggett will appear.  Chris Carter signs off on them.

Q: How did Cobra Files get set in Vegas?

A: It was inspired by a Elmore Leonard novel.

Q:  Chris Carter’s involvement with X-Files?

A: Harris is writing it, Carter is providing feedback.

Q: What license would you like to do?

A: Tipton – Thundarr
Harris – X-Files
Walsh – He was looking to do some horror
Ramondelli – Transformers
Costa – Transformers or Blake’s 7
Hester – THUNDER Agents or Kurt Russell (Snake Plissken/Big Trouble in Little China) comics