It’s almost time for the Skybound: On the Rise panel at the Emerald City con.

We’ll be liveblogging it, so get ready to start hitting reload.

Our cast: Charlie Adlard, Ryan Ottley, Brandon Sieffert and Joshua Williamson.

A new character named Ezekiel will be coming to Walking Dead.

There’s now a website.

Ottley is told to wait for the Invincible website.

Angstrom Levy will be returning to Invincible soon.

Joshua Williamson and Goran Sudzuka (sp?) have a new book from Skybound.

“Ghosted”  Ocean’s 11 in a haunted house, instead of a casino.

Our “hero” has been hired to steal a ghost, so he puts together a team of psychics/magicians.

The artist is already working on issue #5.

Covers by Sean Phillips.

It debuts in July.

Witch Doctor: Malpractice will have a tpb in June.

Thief of Thieves will have Andy Diggle writing the third arc.

Clone starts a new arc in April.

There’s a Superdinosaur cover with Superdinosaur in a tux and pistol ala 007 that’s pretty cool.

Q & A

Q: Is Invincible Universe replacing Guardians of the Globe.

A: Yes.  It spins out of Invincible 100.

Q: Do you feel “dickish” that you promised the death of everyone in Invincible 100 and nobody died?

A: Plenty of people died.

Q: Are the Mauler twins coming back?

A: One of them was in Guardians of the Globe.

Q: [Ryan]: Who’s your favorite character design improvement?

A: Octoboss

Q: [Ryan] Any design regrets?

A: A few.  Shapesmith.

Q: Is the [Invincible Universe] a mini-series?

A: Ongoing.

Q: Will there be another Walking Dead series?

A: Adlard – No.

Aaaaaaand…. that’s a wrap.