It’s almost time for the Pint O’ C.B. panel at Emerald City Comicon and we’re going to be liveblogging.

Get ready to start hitting refresh.

Our Cast: C.B Cebulski, Sam Humphries, Cullen Bunn, Mark Waid, Daniel Way, Jeanine Schaeffer, Matt Fraction, Sana Amanat, Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan.

Ah… no Marvel PR on the panel…

Q: How do portray heroism in your titles?

A: Way – The best way is to show some contract.  Show what is not a hero.

Humphries – Look for strength to match your challenges.

Waid – Put characters in situations where they have to make choices between bad options.

Posehn – “We write fart jokes and puns.”  He approaches it like an action movie.

Fraction – It all changes with the character. At a certain level, its about doing the right thing.

Bunn – He lets the characters guide him.

Amanat – A hero is someone who puts other before themself.

Q: Will you nice to Spider-Man for a change.

A: Schaefer – Liked the Spidey beat down in AVX, because it defined his “don’t back down” character.

Q: With the rise in digital comics and female readership, how hard or easy is it to have minority characters

A: Amanat – When I edit books, I edit from my perspective as a Muslim woman and editor for the perspective of someone outside of comics.  Comics can be exclusive.  Sometimes being inclusive will upset people used to the history of the character.

Fraction – It’s hard.  You used to hear girls and kids didn’t read comics, but you’d see them reading manga at the bookstore.  The DM has moved for a long time like it just serves white males.  There’s a ground-up movement that’s been starting in the last few years.  Making things available (like digital) is the first step in changing.

Way – At Marvel, we write to a broad market.  Anyone can write to a specific market, but if that market doesn’t have enough buying power, it doesn’t work.  The leveling of the playing field is in digital and making it available.

Waid – Some places, there just aren’t comic stores.  Digital is every where and iPads are everywhere.  Share your digital codes if you’re not using them.

CB – Digital sales are growing fast and driving graphic novel sales .

Way – We need to figure out how to monetize digital and get better printed trades.

Humphries – There’s a big change coming, in terms of accessibility.  If you’re accessible, you’ll be left behind.

Q: How do you balance continuity when one character is in several titles (like Wolverine)?

A:Schaefer – It’s the editor’s job.  They have a chart of where and when Wolverine is.  There are a lot of spreadsheets and a timeline of Wolverine’s life.

Way – It depends how you define character.  Writers may define character as how the character is in a particular book (he might act differently in a different book).  Consistency is more important than continuity.

Fraction – Continuity is the devil.  It makes for bad stories.  It’s trivia.  Consistency is important.  The rest is ultimately trivia.

Bunn – As a fan he loved continuity, but a some point he backed off it and just enjoyed the stories.  As a writer, he likes the shared universe, but if he obsesses over it, that obsession shows up I the story a bit too much.

Way – You end up reading the footnotes, instead of the novel.

Fraction – Morrison’s Batman is predicated on EVERY Batman story happened.  What does that do to your mind?

Q: (To Way) Was it your decision to make the Thunderbolts wear Red?

(To the rest) How do you handle Deadpool?

A: Way – Most of the characters already had a red motif.  Deadpool has a really wide definition of who he is as a character.  You can do almost anything with Deadpool.

Q: As writers, if you could write any book what would it be?

Way – That’s a loaded question.  Everything is a possibility, you need to narrow the field to probability.  When you think about a dream job, it’s always a qualified answer.  I’d love to do it “if this, if this.”

Humphries – Devil Dinosaurs

Posehn – Batman Vs. The Blues Brothers

Bunn – Rocket Racer

Humphries – You tend to love a book because of who was writing it.

Way – Getting what you want means you’re done and nobody wants to be done.

Schaeffer – From the editorial side, she always wanted to work on X-Men.  It’s scary but fun.

Q: Have you ever wanted to write a novel with the comics characters?

A: Posehn – What’s a novel?

Q: Who does the character-based Tweets?

A: It’s the X-office.  It’s the characters tweeting.  It’s crazy.

Q: What’s coming up in Hawkeye and Spidey?

A Fraction: #9 is issue #8 from the women’s perspective.  #10 is the guy who’s doing to kill Hawkeye.  #11 “Pizza is my business” Pizza Dog solves a murder.  #12 Clint’s loser brother moves in.  A sign-language issue is coming up.

Spidey is the Superior arc.

Q: In Ultimates, Captain America was a bit of a dick.  Was he softened for President Cap?

A: Humphries?  No.  The process actually started after Millar.  Cap isn’t a mellow character, but he’s calmed down a little after getting used to the new time period.