One of the big surprises of Sunday was the reveal of developer Don’t Nod‘s immediate Life Is Strange future. The award-winning episodic story game about Max Caulfield and her time traveling powers won the attention of the gaming community with its gripping narrative. The follow-up prequel developed by Deck Nine was a worthy successor but we now know what the next Don’t Nod story in the Life Is Strange universe is.

Announced today during the Microsoft E3 Briefing that THE AWESOME ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN SPIRIT is an all-new, original narrative experience demo set in the critically acclaimed, award-winning LIFE IS STRANGE franchise. Not only is it coming in just a few weeks on June 26 but the game will be free for everyone. Square Enix PR did clarify a few lingering questions we had after the Xbox conference:

It is completely free of charge, and does not require any additional purchases to enjoy the full experience.

Return to your childhood with a touching and heart-warming, one-of-a-kind narrative experience, from the directors and development team behind the BAFTA award winning game LIFE IS STRANGE™. Chris is an ordinary 10-year old boy who wants to be a superhero. He loves his toys and has a big imagination that takes him on all sorts of adventures, but today is not one of his usual adventures, today something truly extraordinary will happen to him. DONTNOD Entertainment are back with an all-new original and endearing story that will let you experience a slice of young Chris’ life, as he turns an ordinary Saturday into an epic superhero adventure.

THE AWESOME ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN SPIRIT is not LIFE IS STRANGE 2, but is the first step towards the highly anticipated sequel. The episode is a self-contained narrative experience allowing players to discover plenty of hidden secrets with each play-through. THE AWESOME ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN SPIRIT will feature links to the brand-new story of LIFE IS STRANGE 2.

So TAAOCS is in a way, a proof of concept that the Life Is Strange universe has more to it than Max, Chloe, and possibly even the town of Arcadia Bay. The first Life Is Strange told a “you can’t go home again” story, Before The Storm grounded players in the harsh real lesson some face when a stranger tries to replace a parent, Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will dive into what it’s like to be a lonely only child of a single parent. Seeing this kid live in his own bubble and only have his comics to pass the time should be familiar to a lot of us.  I’m gettin kind of teary-eyed thinking about it.

Later this year Titan is publishing a Life Is Strange comic based on one of the endings from the game and it’ll be interesting to see how the concept of Captain Spirit could play into this larger universe of story.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will be available (free to download) on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on June 26, 2018

Check out the game’s sweet comic cover style art.


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