Dynamite Week is going on this week, and so say Dynamite themselves. There’ll be several announcements coming from the company over the next few days – and the first of which is a new Flash Gordon series for the character’s 80th Anniversary, written by Jeff Parker, drawn by Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner, and coloured by Jordie Bellaire.


Flash! Aaaaa–aaaaahhhhhhhh

Starting in April, the new Flash Gordon series will recall all the classic characters – Flash, Dale Arden, and so on – as they fight down Ming the Merciless. Nate Cosby will edit the series, which will feature an 80th Anniversary Cover from Stephen Mooney. Here’s a look at Shaner and Bellaire’s artwork —


On the announcement, Parker is quoted:

We’re bringing Flash back for a new audience.  It’s over-the-planet high action and adventure where Flash’s spirit and optimism are as powerful as anything the forces of Ming the Merciless can dish out.  We also have some of my favorite artists contributing covers – make no mistake, this book is going to absolutely kill!


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