You may recall that Dynamite is relaunching the Gold Key characters in a series called Sovereigns.  Well, it seems that Dynamite really wants to get Sovereigns into readers’ hands.

For starters, they’re going to triple ship #0, which is to say, free copies for retailers.

Then they’re offering a 90% discount to retailer if they match or exceed their orders of Red Sonja V.4 #1.  Which is pretty close to more free copies.

That’s a pretty significant push.

Retailers will want to check out the exact details in the official announcement and the non-retailers will find some preview pages for Sovereigns #1 and some covers below the announcement.

Official PR:


March 27, 2017, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce a bold promotional initiative in support of The Sovereigns, the new comic book series that presents an all-different take on the classic Gold Key characters Turok, Solar, Doctor Spektor, and Magnus.

Thankful for the support of retailers who invested in The Sovereigns #0 — an introductory double-sized issue priced at only $1.00 retail and serving as the foundation of a new universe of comics, coming soon — Dynamite wishes to help those retailers capitalize on this great launch and reach as many new readers as possible by shipping triple the quantity of The Sovereigns #0 to ordering retailers, with all additional copies absolutely free.

With more copies available at your store, Dynamite hopes that the incredible value of this product – 48 pages of superhero excitement for the low cost of $1.00 – attracts more readers at the outset and increases future customer purchases of the title. Or, with the free copies now available to comic shops, retailers might give the additional copies away to customers as samples (added to a regular customer’s pull list, or a free sample with purchase, etc.). The end result: Dynamite hopes that more copies of The Sovereigns #0 will end up in the hands of consumers and lead to sales growth for each shop.

Furthermore, to augment Dynamite’s efforts for The Sovereigns, the publisher is proud to announce that initial orders of The Sovereigns #1 (Diamond item codes MAR171617 through MAR171620) will be discounted by a whopping 90% if retailers match or exceed their orders on Red Sonja Vol. 4 #1 (NOV161420 – NOV161425), another title in Dynamite’s continuing campaign to expand readership with introductory low pricing, one which has garnered huge success from the added awareness of the #0 issue.

“We greatly appreciate the time and hard work that retailers place in selling our line of comics, and wanted to come up with new opportunities for retailers to support us and capitalize. By mixing in value pricing, deep discounts, hot creators, and extra content, Dynamite’s going all-out to launch The Sovereigns at low risk for comic shops and with the potential to grow readership and generate more revenue for retailers,” says Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher. “The folks here at Dynamite would like to express our gratitude to retailers for their continued support, and their unwavering efforts to keep the Direct Market strong and growing!”

Dynamite is very proud of the work that our creators put into The Sovereigns #0 — creators who are well known in our industry and incredibly talented, including Ray Fawkes (Wolverines, Robin: Son of Batman) on the main Sovereigns through-line, plus Chuck Wendig (Star Wars: Aftermath), Aubrey Sitterson (G.I. Joe), Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), and Johnny Desjardins (Vampirella Strikes). The publisher announced last week the expansion of The Sovereigns universe in the pages of the June’s debuting Magnus, written by Kyle Higgins and illustrated by Jorge Fornés (Amazing X-Men) and focusing on a legacy heroine picking up the mantle of Robot Fighter.

As a reminder, initial retailer orders for The Sovereigns #1 (item codes MAR171617 through MAR171620, plus incentive variants MAR171621 through MAR171625) are due to Diamond on Tuesday, March 28, at latest.


  1. Well, that discount scheme got me to change my orders from “subs only” — reorder placed.

    Though, this is the first place I read it, and it’s Tuesday (which is New Comics Receipt day, which I’d argue is the HARD day of the week), and because of PST I technically missed FOC as a result. If you’re going to do an “all in!” promotion like this, you’re better off baking it in to the original recipe so we retailers can make our decision with a system literally designed to deliver the facts to us. FOC is very very very very much not the fact-delivering system!!


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