Dynamite has a new entry in the Vampi mythos hitting comic shops on June 5. Vampirella: Dark Reflections is co-written by Tom Sniegoski and Jeannine Acheson and has art by Daniel Maine. Covers are from Jenny Frison, Lucio Parrillo, Joseph Michael Linsner, and Jay Anacleto, and fans can look for a cosplay cover from Joanie Brosas.

Vampirella: Dark Reflections
Frison cover

Read the synopsis here:

The Daughters of Drakulon return with a vengeance in June with an all-new tale of the Vampiverse!

Vampirella’s daughter Lilith, now working for the Reality Corporation, has received her first assignment: investigate an anomaly in one of the many threads of the Fabric where the Vampirella of that world has gone eerily silent. Upon reaching this troubled reality, Lilith discovers a world overrun by the spawn of Chaos, and a Vampirella beaten and broken by the forces she has sworn to combat. Now, it’s up to Lilith to save this world from a monstrous evil and to restore Vampirella to the warrior of Order she once had been!

The acclaimed writing team of TOM SNIEGOSKI and JEANNINE ACHESON (Vampiverse, Pantha) reunite with artist DANIEL MAINE (Vampiverse, Chastity) for this exciting addition to the Expanded Vampirella Universe – featuring eye-catching covers from fan-favorites JENNY FRISON, LUCIO PARRILLO, JAY ANACLETO, JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER, and cosplay by JOANIE BROSAS!

The writing team chatted with The Beat ahead of the release.

Vampirella: Dark Reflections
Parrillo cover

DEANNA DESTITO: How was it coming back to Vampi and the Vampiverse?

TOM SNIEGOSKI: I’ve got a long history with Vampirella going all the way back to the early ’90s so it’s always fun to get back to the character. The Vampiverse provides us with unique ways to interpret the classic character.  

JEANNINE ACHESON: It’s been great! I’ve got a much shorter history with Vampirella than Tom does, but I’ve come to love Vampirella and the Vampiverse we created. It’s cool to be able to write different versions of the characters who reside in the Vampiverse. 

Vampirella: Dark Reflections
Linsner cover

DESTITO: What can fans new and old expect from this new tale?

SNIEGOSKI: As this is a tale spinning out of the Vampiverse, fans will receive a taste of not only the kind of story that they’ve come to expect from a Vampirella comic but also be thrilled and surprised by the unique spin Jeannine and I have put on this universe, especially since we’re dealing with alternate realities and the Vampirellas who live within them. 

ACHESON:   I think new fans will be able to dive right into this story as well, even though it does spin out of our established Vampirella universe. Lilith, one of the main characters in this new mini-series, is a daughter of a Vampirella from a different thread of reality, and she’s a pistol! 

DESTITO: What about Vampirella and her world is so appealing for writers?

SNIEGOSKI: Who doesn’t want to write about a kick-ass vampire in a world where all sorts of evil things are lurking around every corner? Vampirella and her world allow us to tell just about every kind of story one could come up with, it’s incredibly versatile as well as really, really fun.  

ACHESON: For me, as someone new to writing comics, the appeal of Vampirella and her world is sort of somewhere for me to “hang my hat.” Her world is already established, and I just get to play with the toys in the sandbox that have been there for decades. There’s probably no better character for me, as a woman, to “sharpen my fangs” on than Vampirella–I just hope that I’m doing her justice. 

Cosplay cover

DESTITO: How has it been working with the entire creative team?

ACHESON: We have a marvelous team for Vampirella: Dark Reflections!  From artist extraordinaire Daniel Maine to fabulous letterer Taylor Esposito, and amazing colorist Francesca Cittarelli, plus our super editorial team, Matt Idelson and Marshall Hoyt, Dynamite has really outdone itself.  

SNIEGOSKI: This is pretty much the same amazing team that we had on Vampiverse, so we couldn’t be happier.  

DESTITO: Where does this story fit in the Vampi canon?

SNIEGOSKI: That’s the beauty of what we’ve created with the Vampiverse–there isn’t just one canon. All of these unique Vampirellas have their own stories and histories.   

ACHESON: Yes, and this story spins out of the Vampiverse mini-series and follows Lilith, who was originally introduced as a teenager and has now grown up. We think of this story as the creation of Lilith’s canon and hope we can tell more of her stories.