The 2014 SICBA Awards were handed out on Saturday at the Glasgow Comic Con. The awards honor the best in Scottish comics, and Dungeon Fun by Neil Slorance and Colin Bell swept all four categories. To celebrate the win, the creators have made the first issue free to read making it a win for everyone.

Dungeon Fun is a classic fantasy about a girl named Fun Mudlifter who is living a tedious life among the trolls who raised her before she gets a magic sword that sends her off on the road to adventure.

Here’s the complete list of SICBA nominees, winners in bold.

Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel (supported by CCA: Glasgow)
Beginners Guide to Being Outside (Avery Hill Publishing Ltd)
Crawl Hole (Craig Collins)
Crossing Borders (Rocket Puppy Press)
Dungeon Fun: Book One (Dogooder Comics)
The Standard #5 (ComixTribe)

Best Artist (supported by Homecoming Scotland)
Iain Laurie – And Then Emily Was Gone #3
Morag Kewell – Crossing Borders
Neil Slorance – Dungeon Fun: Book One

Best Writer (supported by Black Hearted Press)
Gill Hatcher – Beginners Guide to Being Outside
Colin Bell – Dungeon Fun: Book One
John Lees – The Standard #5

Best Cover (supported by Williams Bros Brewing Co)
Craig Collins, Iain Laurie and Derek Dow – Crawl Hole
Neil Slorance – Dungeon Fun: Book One
Jimmy Devlin – Saltire: Invasion