August is variant cover Selfie month at DC comics, and to get everyone in a good mood, DC released their first selfie-variant cover on Instagram. The art for Batman/Superman #14 is by Paulo Siqueira and this is either the end of decency across the universe or a smart move to liven up a 75 year old brand by getting down with current social media.

Previous variant cover subjects at DC have included Steampunk, Scribblenauts and Bombshells.



  1. Yeah, it’s going to shake down to how much fun the covers are. I know when I started placing orders, I had to tamp down on the bile of ordering “selfie covers”… but this… this is amusing.

  2. After the Bombshell variants we went to a set number plus whatever number of customers asked for ahead of time with all these variants. With that said even I couldn’t bring myself to order something titled “selfie” personally but that’s not who I’m ordering for. If my customers want them I’ll get them.

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