Duncan Jones, director of Moon and Muteis asking fans to help him commission three comic artists to each turn a single scene from the final film in his trilogy into a page of sequential art. The famed sci-fi director went to Twitter last Thursday to make the announcement and ask fans for recommendations. From those, a cohort of Jones’ will create a poll for anyone to vote in. Once the winners are announced, they’ll choose a moment from Jones’ currently unnamed, unmade film, and illustrate their page.

Whoever the three artists turn out to be, Jones is ensuring they have freedom to pursue their vision. Though Jones offers assistance if asked for it, the winners script their own pages. They’re also able to bring on a colorist and letterer of their choice. Jones assures he’ll pay those contributors properly, too. Once each page is ready, Jones will post them on his Twitter – as long as they’re spoiler free, of course.

In the time since Jones made the announcement, his followers have followed through with recommendations including Jen Bartel, Alex Ross, Daniel Warren Johnson, Fiona Staples and many, many more. Jones says he’ll follow up with a tweet of the list once it’s ready. It’s still being compiled, so if you have an artist you want to see team up with Duncan Jones, send their name to @unklerupert on Twitter.