Cult ClassicEliot Rahal’s (Hot Lunch Special, Quantum & Woody) and Felipe Cunha’s (Flash GordonTurokCult Classic: Return to Whisper #1 will return to print this July.  This second printing features an homage to Johnny Craig and his infamous 1954 cover for EC Comics’ Crime SuspenStories #22.
The Cult Classic series is a creator-owned shared universe featuring dark, chilling stories. Return to Whisper #1 centers on a group of teens in 1997 who discover treasure and make a pact that one day they’ll all come back as adults to divide their riches and live happily ever after. Unfortunately when they reunite it is not for their fortune but to bury a friend.
Issues #2 and #3 of the series will be republished as a double-sized special issue in August. The following month, another double-sized issue will wrap up the miniseries as a new story in the universe will launch soon after. Cult Classic: Return to Whisper Vault Vintage second printing will be available on July 31. Check out a few pages on Vault’s site.