After a tormenting and seemingly endless knightmare induced by the Scarecrow, Batman is finally awake. But what kind of horrors await him in the world beyond his mind? For some time now, Bane and Bruce’s father, Thomas Wayne, have been furthering their machinations to break the Bat. They’ve beat him, isolated him, and broken his heart. They’ve assembled an army comprised of Batman’s greatest villains. And now, in Batman #70, a war has begun to brew.
In an initiative known as the “Year of the Villain,” DC is bringing story lines from Justice LeagueSupermanBatman, and beyond to their culminations. A special 25 cent Year of the Villain #1 preview comic will hit store shelves this Wednesday alongside Batman #70. One segment of it will hold hints of what’s to come for Bruce as Gotham City becomes the “City of Bane.”
The song that Tom King and his incredible Batman artistic collaborators started to sing several years ago is finally coming to a crescendo. And it all begins with Batman #70. Check out the Beat’s exclusive preview of the issue after the jump.

Writer: Tom King
Artists: Mikel Janin & Jorge Formes
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
“The Fall and the Fallen” begins! This is the one you’ve been waiting for! Now that Batman has escaped the “Knightmares,” he’s starting to see the forces rallying against him—and that his father from another universe has joined the other side. The Caped Crusader finally digs into the mystery of how Thomas Wayne, a.k.a. the Flashpoint Batman, escaped the collapse of his dimension and ended up in this part of the Multiverse. Get all the answers in this new five-part story paving the way for the next big BATMAN event!


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