Well, the big day is finally here and Disney+ is live and available for streaming! Though there are still a few kinks in the UI to work out (as in searching for “Donald Duck” and coming up with Mickey Mouse shorts), there is so much content here that it can be head-spinning to figure out where to start. For those of us Disney Afternoon kids who grew up in the Disney Renaissance and the TV animation boom, there is so much content to sort through.

So, here are 10 shows to check out first if you need a quick fix of that ol’ Disney Afternoon nostalgia.

1. Ducktales (1987/2017)

Woo-oo! Yes, you can relive the adventures of Uncle Scrooge, Huey, Louie, and Dewey, Launchpad, and all of the Duck gang on both the original version of Ducktales and its modern reboot. Disney also threw in the oft-forgotten but still excellent Ducktales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp (which preceded another lamp-based Disney adventure by a few years). Also, if you’re interested in the bizarre mid-90s take on Donald and his nephews, Quack Pack is also available.

2. Darkwing Duck

Staying on the Duck theme, if you need to get dangerous, then the entire run of Darkwing Duck is at your call. I have vague memories of this show, but warm ones too. I know that Darkwing has seen somewhat of a resurgence due to appearances in the DuckTales reboot, so now is probably the best time to revisit this classic cartoon.

3. Gargoyles

This show was never my scene personally, but it was loved by so many people. I might have to give it a watch now that it’s right there for the taking.

4. Goof Troop

Man… so many great memories of Goof Troop. Max will forever be my favorite Disney character and seeing this early ’90s time capsule is sure to be a trip. For added effect, you can also watch A Goofy Movie and the (lesser) Extremely Goofy Movie on Disney+ as well.

5. Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers

Now this is the good stuff. Wacky capers, thrilling mysteries, cool gadgets and a rat’s fetishistic obsession with cheese all stew together for this exciting series.

6. TaleSpin

Grab a ticket back to Cape Suzette for this beloved classic. Shere Khan as an ’80s businessman is perhaps Disney’s most self-aware recasting ever!

7. X-Men

The original animated series is all here! This is one that flew under my radar back when I was a lad, but the trials and tribulations of mutantkind are perfect to revisit.

8. Bonkers

Bonkers the Bobcat is long-forgotten but this was one of my favorite Disney shows while growing up. It takes the concept of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and runs with it.

9. Recess

A great and witty show that really warps you back to elementary/middle school. Haven’t even thought of this show in years, but I can’t wait to go back!

10. Disney’s Doug

While not as singular or unique as the original Nickelodeon run, Disney’s Doug was still a warm and witty show about growing up. Visiting the old Bluffington gang might put a tear in my eye!

Well, there you have it. Ten classic Disney Afternoon shows to get your Disney+ binge started. The Beat will explore more Disney+ content in upcoming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned!