Waste not, want not: although the Wonder Woman costume designed for Adrienne Palicki didn’t help the show fly as a pilot, producer David E. Kelley must have realized that a newly designed Wonder Woman costume is the kind of thing you keep in the closet for a rainy day. On Harry’s Law, another show he produces, Erica Durance showed up wearing the costume — playing a woman who THINKS she’s Wonder Woman. So it’s both Kelley making an in-joke…and being thrifty and green by recycling! Well played.

Via DC Women Kicking Asswhich has more photos and reference.


  1. Erica Durance was one of the best things about the latter years of Smallville and she is rocking the old Wonder Woman outfit. What is it about CW alums and that uniform?

    (Adrienne Palicki is best known to me as Sam’s dead girlfriend on Supernatural…)