Marvel is having a “Fantastic Four Allies Sale,” which is a little eclectic and has some Fantastic Four proper in it, so let’s take a look at what the better options are.

First off, there’s the actual Fantastic Four title: Fantastic Four: The New Fantastic Four, which is a Dwayne McDuffie/Paul Pelletier outer space arc where Black Panther and Storm replace Ben and Johnny.  It’s hard to go wrong with McDuffie.

Speaking of Black Panther and Storm, most of the Reggie Hudlin Black Panther run is on sale and that’s the one where T’challa and Ororo get married.

Perhaps the very definition of a cult comic, there are a lot of strong advocates for the Dan Slott era She-Hulk, which got a relaunch, so it’s listed as Series 1 and Series Two on Amazon, even though the tpbs are numbered consecutive V.1 – 9 .  Amazon + meta data = go figure.  (Peter David takes over with V. 6, btw.)

And for something completely different, The Eerie Archives are on sale for $4.99 a pop.  These are the Dark Horse reprints of the old Warren horror magazine that a lot of name talent passed through.

And speaking of horror, The Walking Dead sale is still going on.  Those Compendiums are a value buy.