The Walking Dead is on sale.  Single volumes starting at a rock bottom $3.49 and climbing to $4.99 as you get more current (except for last week’s release of V. 30 not being on sale).  Compendiums for $13.99 each… and when you consider those collect 8 individual tpbs, that works out to a fraction under $1.75/tpb, so that’s your value buy… and with the demise of the 99¢ tpb sales, as good as price as we see these days.

So, here’s the  link for the individual trade paperbacks.

For the Compendiums, Volume 1 collects issues 1-48 (tpb Vol. 1-8).  Volume 2 collects issues 49-96 (tpb Vol. 8-16).  Volume 3 collects issues 97-144 (tpb Vol. 17-24).  For Vol. 25+, you’re going to be on the normal tpbs for at least another year.

And then you have a couple extras in Here’s Negan and The Walking Dead Survivors Guide: Collected Edition for the completists out there.

If you’re just looking to sample peak Walking Dead, I’d probably point you to the extended arc with The Governor, which is Vol. 4-8 of the “regular” tpbs.  Of course, for essentially the same price as buying Vol. 4-8 a la carte, you can just the first Compendium and get the contents of Vol. 1-8, so it makes sampling a bit easier.