And if you still weren’t happy with the weekend’s sales, you could always ask “What If” as in Marvel’s What If?, which happens to be on sale.

Believe it or not, the original What If? is fairly well regarded, there were a few more notable issues, but it was basically Elseworlds before Elseworlds… and the originals were double sized issues (although sometimes they had multiple stories per issue.  The first run is reprinted as What If? Classic.  A few things that might be of particular interest.   Volume 2 contains the original story where Jane Foster became Thor.  Yes, that’s from 1978.  Volume 5 has What If Phoenix Lived and the Frank Miller “Daredevil, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D” short.  Volume 6 includes Frank Miller’s “What If Bullseye Hadn’t Killed Elektra?” short.  Alas, the Conan in modern times weren’t under license to Marvel when these digitals were formatted, so they’re missing.

Also on sale are several later series, including What If… Why Not?What If? Event HorizonWhat If? Secret InvasionWhat If? AVX, What If? Age of Ultron, and What If? Infinity.  Yes, Marvel really does love to squeeze a What’s If out of an Event.

Also on sale this weekend: