There’s a Wonder Woman digital comics sale going on right now.  Wonder Woman is very much a title defined by eras and creative runs, so let’s take a look at some of the better eras, shall we?

For my money, and I’ve spent it, the two Wonder Woman runs I’d point people to are the Greg Rucka eras and George Perez.  Conveniently, both are on sale at the moment.

The first Rucka era has art by J.G Jones and Drew Johnson, among others and the bulk of it is collected in two somewhat large volumes of Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka: Volume 1 and Volume 2.

The second Rucka era was the Rebirth relaunch of the title with (primarily) Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott on the art duties.  This is also collected in the 2 volumes of Wonder Woman: Rebirth Deluxe Edition.

George Perez’s run was the one that re-launched the character post-Crisis on Infinite Earths and really emphasized the mythological elements.  It starts with Perez on plot and art with Len Wein scripting and eventually Perez doing full with Chris Marrinan on art.  There’s Wonder Woman by George Perez Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3.  There’s also the Wonder Woman: War of the Gods collection from much later in Perez’s run that features early art from Jill Thompson, among others.

Getting past these, the next one I’d recommend is the New 52 Brian Azzarello / (primarily) Cliff Chiang run.  This run is not without controversy, in fact some find it a bit heretical for the character.  What?  Brian Azzarello pushing buttons?  Nooooooooo… Some people might prefer to look at it as a sort of extended Elseworlds take on the character, but either way, it’s a fine run and probably my favorite of all the New 52 relaunches.  You want Vol. 1-6 of this run, but stop at Vol. 6.  I do not recommend the Finch/Finch run.

There’s also Jill Thompson’s award-wining Wonder Woman: True Amazon original graphic novel.

If you’re looking for an overview of the character, Wonder Woman: A Celebration of 75 Years is likely your best bet.  It has the most of the original Marston/Peter material from this sale and… you kind of have to experience the original Marston/Peter run for yourself.  It has all kinds of connotations one does not pick up on as a child.

There’s a bit more to the sale, so feel free to have a browse on your own.

Also still on sale:


  1. I like the Phil Jimenez run quite a lot, and it’s got that nice done-in-one where Lois interviews Diana for the entire issue. That was just terrifically awesome. At the time, I stopped buying WW strictly because Rucka’s story structure was so different to Jimenez’s, and I grew impatient with it on a monthly basis (I only lasted a few issues, despite author-hype in Wizard magazine telling me about Rucka for the first time). Nice to read the full Rucka run now and appreciate it.

  2. Oh, and I was fuelled by rave reviews for Jimenez WW by . The Jimenez tpbs were close to the first I bought in that format. Here’s hoping Amazonias is still made by DeConnick and Jiminez.

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