injustice gods among us #30
As it’s the time of the month when the sales charts come out, usually someone stands up and says “WHY ARE THERE NO DIGITAL CHARTS?!??!?” and it’s true, we don’t know the numbers, but it’s easy to make a snapshot chart from the top in-app purchases and other automatically generated lists. Brigid Alverson has been doing just that on a weekly basis for Good E-Reader and I won’t copy this week’s snapshot list but here are the top books on various charts:

1. Injustice: Gods Among Us #30

1. The Walking Dead, vol. 1

1. Injustice: Gods Among Us #23

1. Injustice: Gods Among Us #30

Other books mentioned: Walking Dead, My Little Pony, Peanuts, Wolverine. But really, Injustice: Gods Among Us, the video game prequel by Tom Taylor, is just a massive, massive digital hit. It’s released in weekly chapters that are full 23-page issues–maybe that’s why it’s so popular?

Alverson has some commentary here.

Let’s look at Injustice: Gods Among Us as it appears on these list. The most recent issues, including #31, which is a pre-order, make the top of the iBooks list, but issue #1 is on there too, so people are still discovering it. Amazon allows pre-orders as well, but I have yet to see an upcoming issue make the list—on the contrary, the early issues in the series dominate the Kindle list. Are people discovering it there and then moving to another platform? Nook users are keeping current with the series via their devices, but they aren’t reading a whole lot of other stuff. And the most recent issue always tops the comiXology list, but other issues don’t make the top ten at all. That may be not so much because sales of Injustice are weak but because comiXology sells a lot of other comics.

Are there any Injustice readers out there? What makes this book so special? Is it just the video game element or is there more to it?


  1. Reading it. Enjoying it.
    It’s essentially an Elseworlds story of where Superman decides to take over and Batman tries to stop him.

    BTW – I haven’t played video games on any kind of regular basis since the Atari 2600.

    BTW2 – The issues are not the traditional “full 23 page issues”: Each e-page is widescreen for easier reading on a tablet, and when converted to print, two e-pages makes one full print page. So

    BTW3 – The art gets “cleaned” up and additional polishing before becoming a print copy.

  2. Are these people just buying Injustice and not reading it or something? I don’t understand how anyone could get 30 issues into DC’s version of the Mys-Tech Wars. The game wasn’t anything special either.

  3. I don’t play video games, and I initially did not have any interest in INJUSTICE because I perceived it to be a video game tie-in with little artistic merit. Thankfully, my brother (who enjoys both video games and comics) recommended the book to me; I gave it a shot, and I now think it is one of the best comics published by DC. Tom Taylor does an excellent job of making the characters engaging and the story entertaining, and I think the art on the series has been great. Also (and this can be said for other DC digital titles like ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN and BATMAN BEYOND), I like the 99 cent price point, and the immediate availability of the digital comics , giving me a good comic to read before my weekly visit to the comic shop.

  4. Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond are there best Digital Comics imo.
    I enjoy the Injustice the game but soon got bored of the comic personally.

  5. Most of my videogaming is on my cellphone, and generally puzzle games.

    The comic is interesting, so far, seeing how the various heroes side with whichever side.

    It’s a big like Marvel’s Civil War crossed with Squadron Supreme.

    Generally, the digital comics seem to be a bit better than the New 52 assortment. Ami-Comi was a good series, the Beyond franchise has lots of fun surprises (Batgirl!), and the tv tie-ins are easy to follow even if one hasn’t watched the tv series.

    Little Gotham (aka “The Short Halloween”) is loads of fun. I hope they continue this style when the series finishes.

  6. Injustice is like a DC digital first version of The Superior Spider-Man. It’s dark and being released on a weekly basis definitely gives it a real sense of momentum (it feels like a manga). DC’s been killing on the digital comic front lately. I’m reading Injustice, Batman ’66, and Batman Beyond 2.0/Justice League 2.0 and they’re all pretty spectacular right now.

  7. > Are there any Injustice readers out there?
    > What makes this book so special?
    > Is it just the video game element or is there more to it?

    I don’t play the game – it’s just compelling storytelling. There’s nothing else like it sold by DC right now. After they ruined their entire universe with the new 52 garbage, Injustice is an incredible standout. I really don’t follow much at DC anymore except this and Wonder Woman.

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