This year’s Diamond Retailer Summit just wrapped up in Vegas and although we couldn’t be there, retailers have been socialing pictures and what not and I’ll have a round up on the news in a bit. Diamond also released some figures on Free Comic Book Day and it was a rousing success again:

• 4.65 million comic books ordered (3% increase)
• Over 2,100 participating store locations
• Over $3.2 Million in free publicity (45% increase)
• Over 380,000 fans on the FCBD Facebook page
• It was a nationally trending twitter topic Sat. from 8:30am-3pm
• Over 100K+ tweets (up 51% over 2013)
• 30K+ followers for FCBD (up 123%)
• 87% of retailers rated the event as Extremely Successful; 40% responded they had 500 or more customers.

I’ll have more statistics from the Summit shortly.


  1. 4.6 Million copies distributed in 2013.
    (The above math (3%) would suggest 4.5 million copies distributed in 2013.)

    2012 was 3.5 Million.
    2.7 Million in 2011.
    2010: “more than 2 million comic books” (DCD website)
    2009: “On Saturday, May 2, nearly 2,000 comic book stores worldwide opened their doors and gave away over 2 million comic books – at no charge – to visitors as a part of Free Comic Book Day 2009.” (DCD)
    2008: 2.5 Million (ROCKFORD LHOTKA)

    2002-2013: 27 Million total.
    “In its first six years [2002-2007], more than 2000 retailers in more than 30 countries gave away more than 12 million Free Comic Book Day special-edition comic books. ” (Wikipedia, no source?)

    60 titles this year (4 were in one pack from Red Giant). 52 in 2013.

    Red Giant reported printing 400,000 copies of their FCBD titles, which became 100K bundles. (Pretty significant for original stories. I wonder if they overprinted for convention giveaways?)

    I would love to see numbers, if not by title, then by Gold/Silver.
    Also, a ballpark range of cost per issue to retailers would be nice.

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