The Adventures of Augusta Wind
And a week of pre-NYCC announcements continues to roll out with the news that J.M. DeMatties and Vasilis Gogtzilas are teaming up for THE ADVENTURES OF AUGUSTA WIND, a new creator-owned miniseries.

It’s described as a”thrillingly imaginative, all-ages miniseries, we follow the title character, young heroine Augusta Wind, across five issues of eye-popping, otherworldly realms as she uncovers and chases down her destiny. Visited out-of-the-blue by the Snabbit, a half-snake/half-rabbit, Augusta must leave all she knows behind to leap through colorful, magically envisioned worlds full of unbelievable creatures, high adventure, and heroic mystery!”

“Writing The Adventures of Augusta Wind has been a genuinely magical experience, as I’ve watched the story lead me on to unexpected places and grow into a cosmic quest that spans multiple worlds and realities,” DeMatteis said in a statement. “Vassilis Gogtzilas’ astonishing visual imagination has challenged me to continually dig deeper and push farther into the rich mythology we’re creating. With luck, Augusta’s adventures will go on for years.”

Attentive readers will notice that the story is in the same kids fantasy vein as ABADAZAD, a series DeMatteis wrote for CrossGen which was then picked up by Disney.


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