Marvel is upping its PR game a bit: for the latest Marvel NOW! announcement, Marvel CCO Joe Quesada will go on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel show.

“First Jimmy Kimmel rocked the Emmys in front of the entire world and now he’s set his sights on the Marvel Universe,” said Quesada. “I’m looking forward to meeting with him to see just what he has planned for the Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine or whichever of Marvel’s Super Heroes interest him the most. But this is Marvel NOW! and we’re going to need the biggest ideas to compete with what we’ve planned! One things for sure—you’ve never seen Marvel on TV like this before!”

The show airs Tuesday night 12/11c on ABC, which is owned by Disney, the same company that owns Marvel Comics. The first Marvel NOW! book, UNCANNY AVENGERS #1, will be debuting at midnight sales events at the same time.

Quesada is no stranger to TV, with a couple of spots in the guest chair on The Colbert Report, and countless appearances on CNN and other news networks.

See, this is what it looks like when Disney decides to push a property.


  1. Odin help them if this “push” doesn’t help. As a lapsed Marvel reader I wish them the best of luck but I just can’t come back.

  2. Most of the American public only cares about watching the superhero movies, NOT the comic books they’re based on.

    Only comic fans are crazy enough to pay $3-$4 for something that takes 10 minutes to read…

  3. Snikt Snakt – yeah, exactly. And the way Marvel Now’s talked about as some ‘entry-point-for-new readers’ thing when we all know (Marvel included) it’s not.

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