You’ve got to hand it to the Deadpool marketing team at Fox: they have let out all the stops promoting Deadpool 2, from the Bob Ross trailer to the Comic-Con toilet seat covers. 

Maybe it’s the knowledge that after Disney takes over the studio, such cutting-edge campaigns may be no more; or the fact that star/producer Ryan Reynolds goes absolutely all-in with his promo. Whatever it is, there has never been a funnier or more imaginative movie ad campaign.

And it wasn’t just Deadpool 2’s theatrical release. With Deadpool 2 – or Deadpool 2 Super Duper $@%!#& Cut – coming out on Digital August 7 and 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray on August 21 –  they’ve given it one more whirl, with a huge campaign at Comic-Con – including Reynolds doing a one man standup act answering questions for an hour – a dream suite, an amazing booth, toilet seat covers and much that I am forgetting.

But even if you missed out on the Deadpool carnival at  Comic-con, there are still some opportunities to celebrate chimichanga style. Starting today, New Yorkers can attend the DEADPOOL AND FRIENDS’BELIEVE IN YOUR SELFIE MUSEUM which runs August 8-11 at Industria Studio on West 12th Street.

I was able to attend the press preview last night, and if you want to create your own Deadpool memories, this is the place, from a baby leg sofa to Domino’s dominos and Colossus’s tubs of block. The event included many savory ‘Pool themed snacks all very cleverly named and edible. I did discover that my brand new iPhone 8 doesn’t work with selfie sticks either, but the timer would have to do.

This was a very clever display, with all kinds of cool details. I’m told that Hugh Jackman, who lives nearby, was invited to come by to share his love/ hate relationship with Deadpool, but tragically he is filming in Australia.

Details on how to attend are below along with a few of my favorite selfies and a few more DEapool items.

Admission is FREE but extremely limited. Guests (ages 18 and up) must register for an appointment in advance at:

There will be a standby line on-site, though admission for standby guests is not guaranteed. We will attempt to accommodate these guests on a first come first serve basis as space allows.
August 8th – 9th: Noon – 8pm
August 10th – 11th: Noon – 9pm

Industria Studio 10
356 W. 12th Street
New York, NY 10014
The sequel to the first one! (That’s just lazy writing)

But wait…there’s more! If your second time wasn’t enough, your second, second time will blow you away. The Deadpool 2 Super Duper $@%!#& Cut gives you even more of everyone’s favorite red-spandexed superhero now with 15 minutes of brand-new action and jokes lovingly inserted throughout. That’s a whole lotta D in a surprisingly small package!


Why a a barber’s chair someone asked? Because it’s Deadpool, someone answered.


One of the nine selfie stations in the museum.


The Colossus station involved jumping around in styrofoam blocks but I couldn’t bring myself to get in.


These Deadpool cake pops were dead-pool-ishus!





Deadpool 2 is really all about love, as this station shows.


An example of how the tragic parachuting scene in DP2 inspired  feel-good fantasy installation.


For Cable, the theme was abandoned Teddy Bears.


Some action figures of the gone but not forgotten X-force.


And Peter. They also had the Michelangelo inspired mural of Deadpool and Cab;e touching hands on clouds. I should a got a picture of that!


I think this is a good spot for serial killer selfies. BTW to get this picture I dropped my brand new iPhone on the hard cement floor of the installation and…well, it’s only a scratch.

There was not much Deadpool in these photos! So here are some greatest hits from the marketing campaign!




DP2-386.jpgDP2_1080x1080_6 (1).jpg


  1. V cool! (it’s like I was there

    Just a week away until Infinity War on blu-ray, and then this awesome extended DP2 in the following! Life’s good

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