We’re only a week away until the official premiere of the much anticipated DC Super Hero Girls animated series from Emmy-award winning animator Lauren Faust. Episode titles and descriptions for the first batch of episodes have been released for the month of March.

Friday, March 8 at 6 p.m. (ET/PT) “#SweetJustice” When six ordinary girls meet and discover that they each have extraordinary powers, they decide to join forces to take on one of Metropolis’s most sinister villains.
Sunday, March 17 at 4 p.m.(ET/PT) “#AdventuresInBunnysitting” Zee asks Kara to look after her two magical bunnies, which quickly start to multiply, wreaking havoc all across Metropolis.
Sunday, March 24 at 4 p.m. (ET/PT) “#HateTriangle” When Hal’s ex-girlfriend shows up at the Metropolis High homecoming game and goes love-ballistic as the villain Star Sapphire, Jessica begins to second-guess her own nonviolent tactics.
Sunday, March 31 at 4 p.m. (ET/PT) “#BurritoBucket” Babs loves her job at a fast food restaurant, but her boss would love any excuse to fire her. When a bank robbery breaks out across the street from work, Babs is torn between her role as a superhero and dutiful Burrito Bucket employee.

Additionally, via social media the actors voicing the villainous counterparts have been announced.

Cree Summer — Catwoman
Cristina Milizia — Poison Ivy
Mallory Low — Livewire
Tara Strong — Harley Quinn
Grey Griffin — Giganta
Kari Wahlgren — Star Sapphire

Many will likely recognize that half of voices behind the villains are part of the main DC Super Hero Girls lineup; Strong/Batgirl, Griffin/Wonder Woman, Wahlgren/Zatanna. Fans assumed Strong would voice Harley Quinn having portrayed the character in various media for over a decade but unless I’m mistaken this is the first project in which she voices both Batgirl and Harley at the same time. It’s a superb casting decision and character contrast since in this iteration Batgirl is an energetic Batman fangirl versus Harley the ultimate Joker fanatic. I can’t help but be reminded of actor Phil Lamarr joking that Static Shock and Justice League Unlimited writers liked to torture him by putting John Stewart and Static in the same scenes!

Griffin meanwhile is no stranger to Giganta, voicing the giantess in the previous DC Super Hero Girls animated projects, citing Biff Tannen from Back to the Future as inspiration for the voice. Interesting enough, Wahlgren has voiced Star Sapphire albeit in the civilian identity Carol Ferris sans-super powers in the Young Justice episode “Depths.”

Carol Ferris








As The Beat learned first hand last SDCC during LEGO Aquaman pressroom, actress Cristina Milizia is an unabashed fan of Jessica Cruz going so far as to cosplay as the character during SDCC. Though she’s not playing Cruz in this particular project, Milizia will always remain the first actress to play portray Jessica Cruz in any media outside of comics. First Jessica Cruz and now Poison Ivy, I’m beginning to think she has an affinity for green DC comics characters. A short released online actually gives us a sneak peek of Milizia as Ivy.

Rounding out the rest of the “DC Villain Girls” are Cree Summer as Catwoman and Mallory Low as Livewire. This isn’t Summer’s first rodeo as either a villain or DC Comics character. It’ll be interesting to see what direction the show creators take Catwoman. As revealed by director Jennifer Kluska during The Beat’s SDCC coverage, viewers can look forward to seeing Livewire portrayed as a social media bully.

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