The DC Fandome virtual convention is coming up in just a few short weeks, and the hype machine is ramping up. Earlier this week a teaser ‘trailer’ for the event was released on social media, and now DC Fandome has released another video featuring a long list of talent who will be ‘on-hand’ for the proceedings.

The names scroll by pretty fast, but don’t worry: we’ve got screenshots.

The list features a lot of expected names, including the casts of DC’s various live action TV shows, animated series, and movies. Of note is the inclusion of director Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson from the upcoming The Batman film, as well as James Gunn and what looks to be a large portion of the cast from The Suicide Squad. We’ve seen very little from the former film up until this point, and next to nothing from the latter, but it seems likely there’ll be some teaser footage for both included in the Fandome presentations. Former Batman Val Kilmer is also included among the list, as is former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, so it sounds like this really will be a celebration of DC’s multimedia past as well.

On the comics side, a lot of the usual suspects are listed – Brian Michael BendisGeoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder, and Tom King among them. Also included are creators like Writer’s Workshop grad Vita Ayala, who’s done sporadic work for DC up until this point, Christopher Priest, whose Deathstroke series wrapped late last year, and Mark Waid, who hasn’t done any DC work in quite a while. There was a severe lack of new comics announcements during DC’s SDCC@Home presentations, so hopefully we’ll see some of those during FanDome.

Not included in the scroll are the names of some of the events’ hosts and special guests, shown above, including Aisha TylerWill Arnett, and Venus Williams.

This is a long list, and it seems like there’ll be something for everyone. Who are you excited to see? The 24-hour DC Fandome virtual event, free to all attendees, is scheduled for August 22nd.