Rockstar confirmed earlier this month that its long-awaited follow-up to its Arkham trilogy was a game starring Suicide Squad, but details were scarce when it was revealed over social media. The studio’s DC FanDome presentation shed a lot more light on the story and gameplay fans will experience in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Rocksteady shared an absolutely breathtaking trailer for Kill the Justice League which shows a city destroyed by… something, but the members of the Suicide Squad still find the fun in battling enemies.

The game clearly ignores the dower tone set by the 2016 film, filled with fun, bombastic action, and witty dialogue in the first few minutes. But the trailer ends with an evil Superman murdering an innocent person, which will likely lead the Suicide Squad to, as the name suggests, target the DC heroes.

kill the justice league superman

Superman’s appearance in the trailer and original teaser image hint that he’s being mind-controlled, or at least isn’t the Superman we know and love.

While it features the kind of single-player storyline Rocksteady is renowned for, Suicide Squad is designed with online multiplayer in mind. That means that, similarly to Marvel’s Avengers from Ubisoft, the game has to balance two very different, sometimes conflicting goals. Marvel’s Avengers, releasing September 4, has received mixed reviews from critics. We’ll see if Rocksteady can do better.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League scheduled for 2022.