At a sunny, informal press breakfast DC unveiled a few details of upcoming Harley Quinn and Batman projects, and Joelle Jones’ cover for Batman #33, her first issue.

Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Paul Dini talked about Harley Quinn, with Dini, co-creator of the character, writing short back-ups for the book in the future. “I’m absolutely mystified,” joked Dini of Harley’s insane popularity,  “Sometime I think hasn’t this joke gone on long enough?”.  The trio also enthused about the upcoming Harley Poison Ivy/Betty Veronica crossover.

“Harley and Ivy meet Betty and Veronica they go on the run to a mission to Riverdale,” said Dini.  “And it works surprisingly well.”

Tom King and Joelle Jones then came out to talk about their run on Batman which begins in issue #33. Batman’s proposal to Catwoman is resolved in issue #32, and then Batman – either thrilled or depressed – goes on a journey.

King pointed out that more stories have been written Batman than any other fictional character, as Mark Waid told him. “So while trying to find something new to do I hit on  the idea was happiness of him trying  to find peace. Why is he so unhappy and is it possible for him to get over it?”

That’s the theme of an almost 100 issue arc that will deal with “the issue of grief and the superhero and how that grief drives Batman to save the world,” said King.

Batman’s search for happiness has led him to ask Catwoman to ask him to marry him, and it could be a path to his healing or another step in the pain. The question is did the pain of Batman’s past make him incapable of happiness. 

OF Mister Miracle he noted how fun it was to play in Jack Kirby’s world while exploring philosophical questions, but didn’t want to give much away. “The second page has the second biggest twist I’ve ever written and the last page has the biggest twist I’ve ever written.”