At BuzzFeed, DC has revealed its covers and plans for April, and promises MORE shocks, MORE surprises, and MORE MORE—so much that you will sit back on your heels and just say, in a dazed tone….”What the fuck….”

In April, DC promises a “What the…?!” moment in all their New 52 issues that will leave readers in a state of shock. To keep fans guessing, they’ve teased out partial covers.
Buzzfeed got exclusive access to the logo that will be blazoned across each issue, guaranteeing it is 100% “WTF Certified.”

This is not a hoax, not an imaginary story, but a certified edgy promotion! The covers are gatefolds, with the “What the” part on the front and the “fuck” part on the inside.
As seen in Previews:

Every DCU title will feature the WTF certified stamp of approval this month—it’s a symbol of DC’s dedication to the retail community and to readers! And every DCU title this month has a WTF moment in it that’s going to leave readers in a state of shock!

To show just how special these stories are, the entire array of DCU titles will feature fold-out covers!

Among the stunning, amazing, never to be repeated storylines:

– Booster Gold reappears while an entire team disappears
– One team is trapped in a bottle while another is changed completely
– Some heroes change their colors and other change allegiances
– Pandora battles to the death
– A close encounter of The Dark Knight kind
– There’s a new, old Creeper and some old New Gods
– One hero quits, and another hero dies

Readers, what say you? What storylines would make you say “What the fuck…”


  1. The cumulative effect of decades of concussions and head injuries upon Batman’s judgment. Ding-ding! The ultimate Dark Batman story, with the doctor sadly shaking his head at the pitted picture on the MRI. Grim, real, edgy. Million seller.
    Oh, it’s been done already? Where has my memory gone!

  2. Too late. When the Talon assassin was revealed to be Dick Grayson’s zombified grandfather, I said WTF and dropped the book.

  3. …the releases to be proceeded, of course, by Major Media Coverage of the “controversial” “WTF” branding. DC will get a story in USA Today, and CNN, and certainly Fox “News” accusing them of being damaging to children with the foul language, etc etc.

    WHICH, of course, is ALL my formerly-beloved DC Comics is AT ALL INTERESTED IN these days. Gots to gets down with what the Kidzz is all saying and doing! Gotz to be all up on Twitters and FB’s and etc etc ad nauseum. TO HELL with stories, competent art and so on. To hell with 75 years of history.

    When is the long awaited Eminem/JayZ/Superman crossover going to happen…?

  4. I’m down for Marc Maron interviewing Batman.

    “So, what’s with all the black? Something to do with your relationship with your dad? What, is that a sensitive topic? Aw, come on, Batman!”

    (aside, Maron’s recent Michael Keaton interview on WTF was excellent, with some interesting stuff about the Batman movies, surprised it did seem to get mentioned in the comics blogoshereiversetopia)

  5. I’ve been saying WTF since they announced the New 52. This has not changed and my guess is it won’t anytime soon.

  6. This smacks of stupidity…along the lines of assistant editors month from back in the day….so How long before David Letterman is on the cover of Justice League?

  7. Yeah, I’ve also been saying “WTF!?” since the New52started. I’m just not sure that I’m saying it the way they intended.

  8. “Did this promotion get everyone talking? yes. Therefore = SUCCESS.”

    For about two seconds. Then it’s back to finding articles of real substance, which is likely not DC’s overall intentions.

  9. “I can honestly say, there are a lot of fun things happening this crazy month. ”

    Lemme guess – dismemberment, body horror, and blood and gore everywhere?

  10. @ The Beat – it’s only a success if it translates into sales. The internet was abuzz with Snakes on A Plane and it didn’t live up to the studio’s fiscal expectations.

  11. Thank you DC, for shredding the last bit of respect/decency you’ve had.

    Or was it already gone long before?!?

    WTF indeed…

  12. Two deaths in just those few teasers? Wow! What the Fuck!?!….Um no, more like Who gives a fuck! WGAF!

    God, cant they think of anything new? They are meant to be writers. Don’t they have ideas?

  13. @Scott – “WHO is wearing Luthor’s armor? Lois? Jimmy? Kenny Braverman? Witty Banter? Ashbury Armstrong?”

    Haha.. For a second there, I thought you were talking about a Parenthood cast member! (Braverman) I was like… WTF??? Haha…. :-)

  14. All this talk about Marvel’s Asst Editor’s Month from back in the day. Good idea? Bad idea? I still remember the Alpha Flight issue for whatever odd reason: Snowbird fighting an all-white enemy in the middle of a snowstorm. Freaking brilliant!

    Silly but true.

  15. Actually, I’d prefer a comic where I didn’t say “WTF” every page. Maybe one that had a coherent plot and recognizable characters, so you actually knew what was happening.

  16. http://www.avclub.com/articles/wtf-is-going-on-at-dc-comics,91889/

    Oliver Sava of the Onion AV Club weighs in.

    Killer comment: “At this point, the only thing that could elicit a genuine shock from DC readers would be if the company decided to quit all the cheap storytelling tricks and actually push its books in a genuinely character-driven direction.”

    Oh, and he points out that Bob Harras was Marvel’s EIC when it filed for bankruptcy.

  17. Since “F**K” cannot be used in a DC comic, it instead stands for “felch”.

    Or maybe it stands for FUBAR.

    I expect to see Marvel follow up with a “What Now” initiative.

    I would love to see an “Assistant Editor’s Month” at DC. 52 stories completely outside continuity, free of all editorial restraints. Maybe we’ll get a giant Twinkie. Or maybe we’ll get Superman’s greatest fan.

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