We did it with Woodgod.

And now we’re doing it with NFL SuperPro.


After our mentioning how much the world needs the return of NFL SuperPro just the other day, a well-sourced rumor claims that NFL SuperPro may make an appearance in Action Lab’s new NFL RUSH ZONE comics.

If true, this would just about break the space time continuum and send Mercury orbiting around Venus while Mars plunges into the sun.

You’ll recall that NFL SUPERPRO was a Marvel comic that appeared in 1991 and featured the adventures of ex-pro footballer Phil Grayfield, who gained an indestructible football uniform after a bizarre accident. The all-too-brief 12-issue run of the comic featured SuperPro teaming up with Captain America and battling a man who shot pennies out of his fist. Despite the great setup and characterization, the book has often been called “the worst Marvel comic of all time.” Luckily this narrow minded view is gradually disappearing and people are becoming more open to the notion that far from sucking, NFL SUPERPRO was a meta-fictional treatise on our aspirations and American consumerism. Or something like that.

Anyway, enter Action Lab’s new NFL RUSH ZONE: GUARDIANS OF THE CORE comic, based on a TV show about a kid named Ish who must save the universe by shouting “Enter the Rush Zone!” and manifesting a super-powerful football uniform. And, incredibly, both NFL RUSH ZONE and NFL SUPERPRO are owned by…the NFL…making a crossover not only possible but necessary to the survival of the human species.



Should this crossover come to pass, not only will the world tilt on its axis, but a new golden age of storytelling will open up—with the world safe for superhero sports comics once more, two great American traditions can be consolidated into an unstoppable force. And then this force can be applied to Mark Sanchez and the world will truly be right once again.

Whatever the truth of the rumor, the NFL RUSH ZONE comic debuted at the NFL Experience today in New Orleans, and kids were lined up for it, according to the Action Lab Twitter feed. It’s all for the kids.


  1. Re: NFLSP issue 10

    Did every single Marvel character in the 90’s have “goes wild” cover at some point or another? Can this be one of Marvel’s variant gimmicks some time soon?

  2. If SuperPro makes an appearance, I will buy every issue of Rush Zone.

    Otherwise, meh.

    And neither Rush Zone nor SuperPro could ever make Mark Sanchez anything even close to a good quarterback.

  3. Does this mean Action Lab has some connection to Marvel? It would explain how a new company to the industry grew so fast and got the NFL comic.

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