§ Melissa Mendes explains that her own Freddy Stories are not an homage to Lynda Barry’s imminent The Freddie Stories…but it could have been.

Lynda Barry has had probably the biggest impact on my work, of all the people that inspire me. I met her twice, and cried the first time, then was totally overwhelmed and in awe of her the second time. I hope someday I can meet her again and play it cool, or at least, have a good talk with her without getting all emotional. I didn’t know about the title of her book “The Freddie Stories” when I called mine “Freddy Stories”. I feel like a jerk for not knowing. I’m embarrassed. But now I guess, I will think about my book as an homage to her, which it is really. All of my comics sort of are. I’m excited about this book.

Pick up both books! Support Freddies everywhere.


§ Best headline evah: The Winsor McCay Sex Scandal–this could have been ripped right from TMZ!

§ Erik Larsen is proud!

In a later tweet, Kurt Busiek pointed out that many Archie Comics are also in triple digits, but who ever thought Image Comics would become the model of consistency? Via

Mattel Superman Man of Steel Movie Masters Superman action figure.jpg

§ Our pals at Idle Hands have the scoop on the MAN OF STEEL toys, including the long awaited Henry Cavill action figures. No sign yet of Ragged Shirtless Hobo Superman though, alas.

§ Rob Liefeld talks about the future of the Extreme titles at Image and recalls more of his days in the salt mine

I believe when you pick a creative team, you have to let them run — if not, then why did you pick them. The DC thing was just awesome to experience up close and personal. Even with all the leaks from others and all the commentary, even from me, you have NO IDEA how crazy it was. Changes on a 24-hour basis because the corporate directive or the editorial directive woke up in the middle of the night and decided they saw a rainbow. Or a unicorn. Just crazy. And at this point, there’s enough out there that you can’t just write it off or dismiss it. And here’s the deal, I LIKE THOSE PEOPLE. I don’t wish any of them ill. My whack editor is gone, but the rest of them are decent, they are just running a crazy house. It was great fun while it lasted, but I had to get out before the cuckoo-birds laid eggs in my head.

Maybe it’s just time to accept that DC comics are micro-managed and be done with it.

§ Speaking of management, Glen Mazzara reveals his ouster from The Walking Dead was a case of too many



The main problem? Everyone wanted to have their say. Mazzara claimed that he would get notes from AMC, 15 producers and even the cast members about their scripts, and then turn those around to try to appease all parties. “There’s no way you can take every note. There’s no way you can make everybody happy. So I’d just sort of go through and do a rewrite on the entire script trying to include all of those different voices, all of those different perspectives,” he said. “At the end of the day, though, you’re never going to get consensus. So that’s where I have to say, ‘I feel this is the best possible script.’ … At the end of the day, somebody has to make the call. Otherwise, it’s just chaos.”

Maybe it’s just time to accept that Walking Dead episodes are micro-managed and be done with it.

§ Finally, Twinkies will come back. But what about Devil Dogs? That’s the one that has us crying.


  1. Devil Dogs and other Drake’s Cakes are moving over to Little Debbie’s. Maybe now they’ll be available on the west coast and I can relive my childhood.

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