Do you like politics in your comics?  Because Aleš Kot’s writing a very political comic for Image in January.  With Danijel Žeželj and Jordie Bellaire on art and color, Days of Hate is a 12-issue series set in 2022 with a police state and a guerrilla war against white supremacy.  Kot describes it as “about the things people do to survive and to live—and about killing Nazis.”

A preview follows the Official PR:

Bestselling writer Aleš Kot (ZERO, GENERATION GONE) teams up with artist Danijel Žeželj (STARVE) and Eisner-winning colorist Jordie Bellaire (REDLANDS, PRETTY DEADLY) for an all new maxi-series in the gritty American thriller tragedy DAYS OF HATE.

DAYS OF HATE is set in The United States of America in 2022. The loss that ripped two of its main protagonists apart drove one into the arms of the police state and the other towards a guerrilla war against the white supremacy. Now they meet again, on the opposing sides—and all hell has broken loose.

Days of Hate is all about the characters. It’s about them living in a country that is falling apart. It’s about love, hate, war, tragedy, and layers of intrigue and double-crossing,” said Kot. “It’s about the things people do to survive and to live—and about killing Nazis.”

DAYS OF HATE #1 (Diamond Code NOV170638) hits stores on Wednesday, January 17th. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, December 18th


  1. I got nothing against killing Nazis but I wonder what the response would be to this same story if they bad guys were from the violent, anarchist, communist, antifa side of the street.


  2. This looks great. Ales—as you’re reading, I wanted to come and talk to you three years ago at Thoughtbubble. I loved Zero and think about it often. Of all the stories in comics which have been about reality breaking down, it’s the only one I’ve read that takes violence and trauma seriously. Thank you.

  3. When people use the term “antifa” non-ironically, it invalidates everything they have to say.

    Also, trying to paint the Nazis and not being white supremists is impressive. Comment sections are the best!

  4. “When people use the term “antifa” non-ironically, it invalidates everything they have to say.”

    Dude, that’s what THEY call THEMSELVES.

    They’ve got a wiki page and even Noam Freakin’ Chomsky uses the term “non-ironically.”

    You know what’s really fascinating and speaks to the power of controlling the popular culture. Nazis murdered millions but only ever had real political power for a dozen years in one country, with military control of Europe for a lot less than that. Communists murdered TENS OF MILLIONS, held real political power in countries across the globe, and kept Eastern Europe prisoner for decades longer than than Nazi lasted. Yet there’s nothing more stereotypical than some college liberal talking about “punching Nazis” while wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt.

    Or is that too real for you irony shields to handle?


  5. Mike,

    Never stop being hilarious. Conflating Che Guevara with Stalin’s version of Communism is awesome, even for you. I actually laughed out loud and had to show someone else, who was like, “I’m supposed to believe smart people read comics?”

    There is a very tiny group called Antifa (under 1000 people) and everyone thinks their nuts. Only MAGA Morons think they’re a group with any actual power or support.

    Please never change. You guys are amazing.

  6. Dude, Che was a homophobe that killed gay people for being gay, killed children for who their parents were and was generally the kind of guy that would make Stalin proud.

    What I don’t get about the comic is – what were ‘queers’ doing having an underground party in a building in a city that clearly is dead or dying. Like – where did they come from. Why were they partying, how could they even afford to party?

    Then again, the US could never become fascist. There are multiple separate layers of government at the city, council, State and US level – all with separate elections etc – so this guy’s worldbuilding is clearly in the fantasyland vein.

  7. It’s amazing the apologism on display for Nazis. I’m 36 and it was considered unacceptable to say the Nazis were all right when I was a kid. What happened?

    Also, Ales – loved Zero! I’ll be looking out for this.

  8. I can’t afford this anyway, but even if I could a comic designed to anger? No thanks. Besides it’s not like there isn’t a lot of this in the press already, I could just go to the DNC web sight or one of it’s affiliates or MSNBC Morning Joe and read essentially the same thing about the republican party. For that matter I can read non-sequitur and get the same sort of message.

    Not saying that it won’t be a good story or won’t have some good points or not be drawn well. It’ll probably be an ok comic. I’m just that I’m far too tired of it all and far too broke.

  9. “Conflating Che Guevara with Stalin’s version of Communism is awesome, even for you.”

    Well, Bob beat me to it. There is little more entertaining than someone like Chris Hero arrogantly displaying their own foolish ignorance.


  10. David Taylor — thank you! And yeah, agreed.

    Bob — that’s downtown LA, Bob. I recommend visiting for a reality adjustment.

  11. Mark — the comic is not designed to anger. The comic is, in part, designed *from* a very real anger, and that’s a different dynamic. As for the comic, you likely have no idea what sort of a message it carries based on the little we’ve provided (apart from, yes, bad things are happening and Nazis are one of them), so I recommend not getting trapped in your ideas of what things are instead of examining them. I empathize with your approach — I’ve been there myself, including being broke and exhausted, so I wish you luck and a much better time going forward.

  12. ‘Bob — that’s downtown LA, Bob. I recommend visiting for a reality adjustment.‘

    You are making my point. Maybe you need your reality adjusted. Downtown LA that I’ve been too. You know, LA has been Democrat controlled for decades in a State that is mostly Democrat controlled. How come Democrat controlled cities are so rundown and broken? It’s almost like socialism doesn’t work or something.

  13. Alex- But you admit the comic is from anger. It’s an anger I know well, it’s an anger I see in almost every newscast and on most of the net I go to. It’s an anger that’s been there for a long time now and it’s an anger that I can understand but have gotten my fill of. It’s an anger I see every morning on MSNBC where Joe goes into mad rant and Mika gets close to tears. I can see the exact opposite on FOX. (We do not in my opinion have middle media anymore, we have right media and left media) We’ve come to the point in the countries history where both political sides despise each other and consider the other an absolute evil and the media reflects, drives and feeds on that. MSNBC’s ratings are up because of hate, not because they’ve done anything different in programing or formatting. I’m not sure your comic will be any different than some of the anti-Bush comics I read back when he was president. Just another right wing is bad and oppressive storyline and only the left will set us free. Someday I’d love to see a fictional totalitarian government built on left wing principles, just for the novelty of it. But the fiction is that the left is tolerant and would never hurt anyone.

    Truthfully if I had the money I’d give your comic a shot out of curiosity if for no other reason. I can be surprised after all, I like the latest Sabrina even though I don’t like the current Archie and I’ve enjoyed political comics before. I loved some of them. But again I just can’t afford it.

  14. “Just another right wing is bad and oppressive storyline and only the left will set us free.”

    Dear Mark, you’re really assuming a lot of things here, and I have no time for it

  15. Alex- I am going by what is printed and what the article says. Yes I assuming a lot based on that, but also based on the general attitude the media displays.

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