Writer David F. Walker’s new publishing venture, Solid Comix, launched a Kickstarter for its first book yesterday morning. Now, roughly 24 hours later, that campaign is rapidly approaching its $8,000 goal.

The campaign is for a comic called One Fall, written by Walker and drawn by artist Brett Weldele. One Fall is a five-issue series featuring full color, 32-page issues, with 24 pages of main story plus backup features by writer Ted Pirro. The tagline for the book is, “Professional wrestling is real. So are werewolves, vampires, and really greedy promoters that will stop at nothing to make a dollar.”

The story, based on previews, seems to blend pro wrestling with the paranormal, following a character named Jimmy “Resurrecter” King, who keeps getting killed in the wrestling ring before—as his name implies—coming back to live. The plot features the Ressurrecter being forced to compete in something called the deadly Continental Gauntlet, both for his life and also for the sake of his family.

It’s billed as featuring action, drama, dark comedy, and “tons of wrestling.” A pledge of $4 or more earns supporters a PDF of One Fall’s first issue plus their name listed on a thank you page. Other incentives for higher donations include physical copies of the book, One Fall-branded stickers, special edition prints, mystery comics from the creators, and more. As of this writing, the campaign is about $1,500 from an $8,000 goal.

This is, as noted above, the first book from Solid Comix, a new publishing venture created by Walker.  Walker is an experienced writer, who previously did books for Marvel and is currently co-writing DC’s Naomi, in addition to myriad creator-owned books, perhaps most notably the recent book from Image, Bitter Root.

Walker announced Solid Comix earlier this month, noting that it was a way to get back to his self-publishing roots and do the type of comics he really wants to do with friends of his.

“The One thing I want to be clear about is that right now for the foreseeable future, Solid Comix is me self-publishing titles that I have written or co-written with friends of mine,” Walker said in a video posted to Twitter. “I hate to break anybody’s heart, but I’m not taking submissions right now and I don’t foresee taking submissions any time in the next five or six years, but I am going to be doing self-publishing.”

Another project underway through Solid Comix is called The Hated, which will, of course, be written by Walker and drawn by artist Sean Damian Hill, what looks to be a western. Walker notes that project will also be funded via Kickstarter and may be out by summertime.