Marvel announced today at the ComicsPRO retailer summit that, following a breakout turn in the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated film, Peter Porker, aka the Spectacular Spider-Ham, will star in a forthcoming Amazing Spider-Man annual. The issue will be written by Jason Latour and feature art by David Lafuente and Rico Renzi, though on Twitter Latour teased that other artists may also be involved.

Latour is no stranger to Spider-Ham, having utilized him frequently during his run with Robbi Rodriguez and Renzi on Spider-Gwen. Porker has been a staple of events like “Spider-Verse” and Spider-Geddon, but hasn’t starred in his own solo story since 2007’s Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Man parody one-shot.

Check out the cover to the annual by Lafuente and Renzi, as well as the uncolored cover by Lafuente, below. The Spider-Ham-starring Amazing Spider-Man annual is due in stores in June.