Experimental, award-winning cartoonist Dash Shaw is obsessed with the reality show Blind Date. Don’t ask why — it just is.

Blind Date episodes are ideal for adaptation because they have fantastic characters in a simple story structure. They’re all about people and relationships. They’re not scripted (I guess, although they exist inside of a fake, manufactured environment) and people say much funnier, interesting, and stranger things than anyone can write. Since the characters know that they have a camera on them and they’re being filmed, they’re performing and are probably not behaving like themselves, although they are coming up with their own lines.

Perhaps Shaw is not that familiar with the whole “reality” genre where this kind of thing is typical, but if you’re looking for awkward people in a bad situation, Blind Date does fill the bill. Anyway, he’s adapting one of the episodes for MOME 20, and it looks engaging.