Well, according to this press release, it might be Iron Man.

What we find most interesting is that in the costume world, “Pirate” is a category akin to “Funny” or “Superheroes” — meaning there will be thousands of them marching down the street and taking no prisoners.

We expect legions of Neyteri also.
Where do we get those hot blue pumps!

There’s also this “Hero cutie”:


If you are feeling a little rape-y there’s this:


And of course, for the truly iconoclastic…MAYHEM!



  1. Over at Halloween Adventure, there’s a cute “Iron Girl” costume, where the mask is actually a hi-tech pair of sunglasses. I would totally read this comic! (Give her power gauntlets, like Space Ghost!)

    The adult “Iron Woman” costume is similar, except with gold boots. And of course, there’s the Stark “Solid Gold” dancers costume as well.

    There’s a matching bag as well, kinda like Tony’s briefcase…

    Thanks for the reminder! My niece wants a Wonder Woman costume from her favorite uncle. I need to do some shopping… too bad Rubie’s is closed on the weekends…

    (Darn… why is it so hard to find a good generic superhero cape for adults?)