Dark Horse Comics has announced Disney Storied Places, a new hardcover collection of original Disney tales set in the company’s most iconic locales. The stories will cover the full range of Disney animated features, from classics like Cinderella and 101 Dalmations to modern hits like Frozen and Zootopia. Pixar films like Wall-E and Up will also be represented.
Creators on the 152-page hardcover include writers Rhona Cleary, Eduardo Jauregui, Tea Orsi, and Antonia Reed, with artists Valeria Orlando, Michela Cacciatore, and Giuseppe Di Maio among those illustrating the anthology.
Disney Storied Places is the latest original Disney content from Dark Horse, which has recently put out miniseries showcasing The Incredibles and Frozen. Between Dark Horse’s offerings and the more classic offerings from IDW like Uncle Scrooge, there’s no shortage of comics out there featuring the House of Mouse’s classic stable of characters.
Check out the cover to the book below. Retailing for $24.99, Disney Storied Places hardcover is due in stores in September.
Disney Storied Places

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