Transformers: TCG, the trading card game based on the world of the G1 Transformers universe, recently released its literally biggest characters to the world of the game. We previously saw the massive Autobot city Metroplex join the game, but now even bigger characters just debuted in the game. Who, you ask? None other than the Combiners, the class of Transformers, both Autobot and Decepticon, who can join with each other to form a larger robot. Combiners are available in special edition Rise of the Combiners booster packs.  And players will also find the original Combiner, the Decepticon Devastator, available as its own special edition boxed set.
Transformers TCG Devastator Deck
Devastator is the original Combiner. When the toy debuted back in 1985, it blew the minds of Transformers fans. It was more than your standard robot to vehicle and back again. The Constructicons could combine together into their gestalt form of Devastator. The set would also set the stage for future Combiners, in that the smaller combining robots followed a certain theme.

A Big Bot

Transformers TCG Devastator
Now in 2019, Devastator, and his component robots, join Transformer: TCG. With the Devastator Deck, players get a standalone full deck of cards ready to play. All six robots that make up Devastator: Scrapper, Hook, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Mixmaster and Scavenger are inside the deck. The six Combiner cards fold in the middle, with the bot’s robot form on one side of the fold and the vehicle form on the other. On the flip side of the card is 1/6 of Devastator.
Transformers: TCG Devastator Deck Constructicon Cards
Using the special Construction Enigma card, players can combine the robots together to form a giant robot to dominate the field of play. Devastator has a special mission card, Tower, that allows it to build a tower. The higher it builds the tower, the more devastating Devastator becomes.
Transformers: TCG Devastator Deck Action Cards Construction Enigma Tower
I’m glad that Hasbro went with the OG Combiner to feature in the box set. And I’m very excited that my favorite Combiner, Predaking, made it into the booster packs. You can find both the Devastator Boxed Set and Transformers: TCG Combiner series booster boxes at gaming stores now.