Two important links about the late Alvin Buenaventura, the esteemed art comix publisher. His great friends Daniel Clowes has a touching remembrance at The Comics Reporter:

Alvin Buenaventura was the most important person in my life outside my immediate family. He was, to me, among many other things, an art representative, a production assistant, an archivist, a monographer, a tireless advocate and champion, a media representative, a technical advisor, a troubleshooter; but far beyond than that, he was my dear and beloved friend, a daily, constant, essential presence in my life.

And Joe McCulloch and Chris Mautner provide a formal obituary chronicling his rise

Buenaventura Press was established that year. Its early output consisted primarily of fine press prints created with a generationally-diverse range of alternative cartoonists, among them Gary Panter, Chris Ware, Ron Regé, Jr., Marc Bell, and Sammy Harkham, whose Kramers Ergot anthology would soon become prominent in the history of the Press.

“He only wanted to put out the best looking books and he had very high standards,” said Chris Anthony Diaz, who would sometimes aid with the Press’ operations. “If something was not right, we would have to do it over. We would be juggling so many things and have to stop and redo something to get it right, maybe a few hours before leaving for the airport. That’s how relentless he was with his standards.”