Respected animation veteran Dan Evans has been promoted to the position of VP, Creative Affairs at DC, where he’ll review the use of DC characters in other media. Evans’ resume includes stints at Nickelodeon and Marvel Animation, so he brings a wide portfolio to the position. His previous position at DC was Creative Director. HE’ll report directly to DC’s COO Geoff Johns in the position 

Dan Evans Headshot“I’ve known Dan for years. His passion for DC and his creative strengths and experience make him a stellar leader within my Creative Affairs Department,” said Johns Thursday in a statement. “It’s great to have him assume this new role to help me manage the tremendous DC slate across the Studio.”

In his new gig, the ex-Nickelodeon Animation exec will now handle and review creative content for all DC media that are in production with WB, including TV, film, animation and games. Evan’s focus is to ensure that the use of the DC characters and their stories stay true to the core values of the franchises, the company says.

I’ve known Evans for years, and I’m happy to see him rising through the ranks of the comics industry where he provides knowledge and perspective. 


  1. I feel bad for anyone who is supposed to review character use but has to answer to Geoff Johns.

    Evans: Maybe we should use Kyle Rayner or John Stewart in –
    Johns: – HAL JORDAN.
    Evans: But what about Guy Gard-
    Johns: – HAL JORDAN.
    Evans: But there are 7200 other Green Lant-
    Johns: – HAL JORDAN

  2. DC should summarize the core values of the franchise. It would help focus their movies. that and a lower bodycount.

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