On this particular President’s Day I’d like nothing more than to step outside this current reality. Thankfully, fantasy adventure let’s me do exactly that. I’ve located three fantasy comics looking to raise money to help bring their wonderful worlds to life. Now that I have my pot of coffee and an angry cat who keeps biting my feet, let’s set off to explore some fantastical worlds together.

Snarlbear: The Complete Comic Series

Snarlbear is a webcomic by Natalie Riess which ran online from 2012-2017. It’s a dark fantasy adventure that follows the young-adventurer named Daisy Snarlbear as she explores the brightly colored Rainbow Dimension. This Kickstarter is hoping to publish the complete series in a two volume set.

Me, entering any social gathering. (Or Daisy Snarlbear)

Here’s a brief synopsis:

Daisy finds her place in this unforgiving polychrome hellscape as a monster fighter for hire, but soon becomes embroiled in a royal unicorn coup, a quest for a magical eyeball, and a journey that reveals that the most dangerous monsters may have been the ones inside her all along.

Okay. You had me at unforgiving polychrome hellscape.

Beautiful map art added for the complete series collection

Volume one of the series will contain chapters one through six, which chronicle Daisy’s introduction to the Rainbow Dimension and rise as a monster hunter. Volume two includes chapters seven through ten, where Daisy and friends must handle the consequences of coming to the aid of an exiled unicorn prince. Each volume is 6”x9” and around 190 pages in length.

You’ll have brightly colored adventures with Daisy

Look at these cute damn awards people:

Natalie is partnering with Hiveworks Comics to bring this series to life. They are hoping to raise $20,000 to cover the costs of printing, publishing and shipping. Funding for this project will go until March 7, 2018, so get off your bright horse and go take a peep at this one.

The Idols of Solanşehir: Issue One: An Indie Comic

The title of this comic is a portmanteau of two Turkish words which translates to The Idols of the Fading City. From creators Vera Greentea (Recipes for the Dead) and Miyuli (Sentient) comes a comic about two sisters who have to find a way to work together to help their brother.

Proposed artwork by @miyuliart

Growing up with two sisters myself, working together was often a challenge, especially as we began to carve out our individual identities. I reckon that’s what I like about the concept for this comic. Popular culture often depicts sisters as bitter rivals, endlessly fighting with one another. In this comic, we see a story of two sisters who are able to maintain their individuality and find a way to work together.

Here’s a bit more about the story:

Rosemary does not believe in magic, in fact, it is number one on her list of things that are A Waste of Time. So it is particularly annoying that her sister has been investigating their town for signs of magic all summer – instead of doing something valuable, like volunteering at a hospital.

All is temporarily forgotten when their brother suddenly comes home from the army, carrying a curious artifact and tormented by visions of a mysterious realm. Both Rosemary and Rhett would do anything they can to help him, even as they clash with each other about how to best care for him.

This 22-page full color comic will be published by Greentea Publishing, which has been publishing successfully on Kickstarter for over five years. The funds raised for this comic will primarily go towards paying the artist and letterer. To keep costs down there aren’t many rewards, a sketchbook and stickers are among the few rewards available. The team is hoping to raise $9,000 to cover the costs of paying the creative team, printing, publishing and shipping. Funding for this project will run through April 12, 2018.

Chirault: The Complete Series


After eleven years the story of Teeko and demon-hunting demon Kiran is coming to a close. To celebrate its run, Canadian artist and creator of Chriault, Thane is bringing the series to an end with the printing of its final two volumes.

Chirault is a story about the young half-demon Teeko who has found herself with a bit of a problem. The problem being that she’s been shrunk to squirrel size by a wayward spell. She’s still remarkably upbeat for a half-demon in the particular predicament but she’d like to find a way to get back to normal size. To do this, she teams up with Kiran, a demon who also happens to dislike children. Together the pair begins their quest to reverse the spell on Teeko and uncover Kiran’s origins. The two, however, end up getting a lot more than they bargained for, as they unearth a twenty-year-old conspiracy.

This crowdfunding project is for printing the physical versions of volumes four and five which will run at 292 and 300 pages respectively. This is the creators fourth Kickstarter for the series and they are hoping to raise $7,973 to cover the cost of printing, shipping and the usual odds and ends that come along with crowdfunding.

The complete set, volumes one through five, comes in at a whopping 1282 pages and will be available through this Kickstarter via various reward tiers.

Some backer rewards for Chirault

If you are unfamiliar with the webcomic, for a mere $10 you can grab yourself the entire series in PDF, $40 will get you the complete digital set as well as volumes four and five in print. As the series is already complete, Thane simply has to send the work off to the printer. Funding for this project will run through March 14, 2018.

I’ve managed to write this with cat hair floating around in my eyeball so I think we can all safely say this week is off to a great start.

Also, thanks to everyone who has been sending me your crowdfunding projects! I am hoping to cover as many as I can and if you don’t see your project this week, please keep on the lookout for next week. As a reminder, the best way to reach me is via direct message on Twitter.