Welcome back to The Beat‘s weekly crowdfunding comics round-up! Each week we’ll spotlight comics projects we think would be a great investment, whether it’s a one-shot story or a sprawling anthology. New York Comic-Con got you in the mood for some new reads? Check out this week’s round-up, which includes a print version of Falconhyrste, alien friendships, a mysterious doctor, and a tall tale with a killer hook.

Let’s get going!

1. Falconhyrste: Volume 1


Goal: $3,000 USD
Ends: Wed, October 16 2019 12:00 PM EDT
Creators: Melissa Capriglione, Clara W.
Best Value Tier: Approx $10 USD for a PDF
Falconhyrste is a young adult LGBT+ fantasy comic that deals with magic, friendship, and the dangers of authority. The Falconhyrste boarding school is a normal school where teens go to learn about math, history, language, and science. But there’s a lot more secrets that the school is hiding…

Falconhyrste is the tale of a magical, mysterious boarding school with equally mysterious students — many of whom are LGBTQ right now, in the text, and not retroactively. It’s a little Harry Potter and a little Revolutionary Girl Utena, with stunning colors from Melissa Capriglione. Co-created by Capriglione and Clara W., Falconhyrste is a beautiful read with an engaging sense of humor. $10 USD will net you a digital PDF of the first volume of the on-going webcomic.

You can back the campaign here.

2. The Plague and Doctor Caim

The Plague and Doctor Caim

Creators: G.E. Gallas
Best Value Tier: $15 USD for a digital edition
The Plague and Doctor Caim follows the life of a 17th-century plague doctor: an Everyman with a beak. One day, Doctor Caim is hired by a village to treat both the rich and the poor. The doctor readily accepts this position, but goes about the work with much trial and error. Doctor Caim encounters patients from all walks of life, experimenting with treatments while monitoring his own health and watching the stars for omens.

For those with an eye for the macabre, The Plague and Doctor Caim is a must. An exploration of the life of a single plague doctor during one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, this 100-page graphic novel by G.E. Gallas is drawn in a style reminiscent of the art of the time and has an eerie ambiance that lingers. $15 USD will net you a digital copy; Unbound is a little different in that a project runs until it’s fully funded, so there’s no hard deadline here.

You can back the campaign here.

3. Heartbreak Quadrant (Issues 1-3)

Heartbreak Quadrant

Goal: $4,000 USD
Ends: Fri, November 1 2019 10:10 AM EDT
Creators: Barrett Stanley
Best Value Tier: $10 USD for three digital issues and a digital sketch collection
Heartbreak Quadrant is the story of Ida and Kumi, a pair of scavengers who cruise the galaxy, looking for items from the long-since-destroyed Earth. Anything from a 1957 Cardiac Coup DeLuxe to a box of Corporal Crisp’s Breakfast Bits can bring in big bucks on the trade circuit, but being space-faring junk dealers isn’t easy — there are double-crossing clients, technological disasters, and sub-standard replicated nachos to deal with.

Creator Barrett Stanley’s expressive art is an immediate sell for Heartbreak Quadrant. Barrett’s characters have an immediate charisma and distinctive looks and styles — Gloria, an obsolete hologram, has a particularly delightful design. If you’re in the market for some heartfelt interstellar adventures, $10 will net you digital copies of all three issues of Heartbreak Quandrant.

You can back the campaign here.

4. SKYSCRAPER: a newspaper sized mystery comic


Goal: Approx $3,585
Ends: Tue, October 15 2019 6:30 AM EDT
Creators: Ryan K Lindsay (Writer/Co-Creator), Mitchell Collins (Artist/Co-Creator), Simon Robins (Colors)
Best Value Tier: Approx $3 USD for a digital copy, $21 USD for a print copy (including shipping)
SKYSCRAPER is a procedural crime story from Ryan K Lindsay and Mitchell Collins that weaves in elements of the weird putting it somewhere between THE BLACK MONDAY MURDERS, LOST, and PAPER GIRLS. When the VP of KDP flies out the top floor and dives into the pavement out the front, there are a lot of questions to answer. Enter: Keene, an independent contractor brought in to help figure out how and why she died. What unfolds is a mystery spanning decades that becomes less about why one woman dies and more about why a building would conspire to make it happen.

SKYSCRAPER is a fascinating exploration of space in a comic. This is a newspaper sized murder mystery with nearly identical layouts — a frontal shot of the KDP building — which means writer Ryan K Lindsay and artist Mitchell Collins have an abundance of space to play with small details. What kind of clues and secrets will you spot in the full version? An international shipping tier is available for approximately $21 USD (including shipping), while a digital version can be yours for approximately $3 USD.

You can back the campaign here.

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