This installment of the Small Press Spotlight takes a look at another upcoming title from Cast Iron Books: The Plague and Doctor Caim. The full-color hardcover tome by G.E. Gallas (The Poet and the Flea) fits right into the philosophy of the publishing house, which is known for publishing graphic novels, illustrated books, and experimental fiction.

Check out the synopsis here:

The Plague and Doctor Caim follows the life of a 17th-century plague doctor: an Everyman with a beak.

One day, Doctor Caim is hired by a village to treat both the rich and the poor. The doctor readily accepts this position but goes about the work with much trial and error. Doctor Caim encounters patients from all walks of life, experimenting with treatments while monitoring his own health and watching the stars for omens…

With the aesthetic of a medieval illuminated manuscript, this full-colour graphic novel from the acclaimed creator of The Poet and the Flea finds macabre comedy within the history of the bubonic plague.

While the release date for The Plague and Doctor Caim is still to be announced, you can get a glimpse of the unique, intriguing title here. Take a look at a few preview pages and head to the publisher’s website for an official launch date.