It’s Wednesday, which means your weekly dose of the Small Press Spotlight! This installment focuses on indie publisher Cast Iron Books. The fresh company offers graphic novels, illustrated books, and experimental fiction as well as a philosophy that centers on “empowering writers and artists to create stories that stay with a reader long after the last page has been turned.” With beautiful art and quality storytelling, picking up one of their tales goes beyond reading a comic. It becomes a memorable, sensory experience.

Their current title Future is the perfect example of their style. Written by Tom Woodman, the 128-page full-color graphic novel features art by Rupert Smissen and letters by Aditya Bidikar. Read the synopsis here:

“Time has run out.

Humanity is clinging on to an Earth facing imminent collapse. Kay Mielniczuk, fierce optimist, convinces her dying wife, astronaut Murray Mielniczuk, to take on one last assignment.

Catapulted through time on a wing, a prayer, and some theoretically correct science, they set out in search of a cure… for Murray and for the planet.

Future is a 128-page full colour original graphic novel about time travel, the apocalypse, and finding hope in the ultimate power of love.”


Future is available now. Head to the publisher’s website for details and how to purchase. Stay tuned for future releases from them.