Crowded, the action-comedy published by Image Comics, is set to return from hiatus in July 3rd. In preparation, the creative team of Christopher Sebela, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, Triona Farrell, and Cardinal Rae have put together a three-page ‘trailer’ for the series to bring readers up to speed. Sebela shared the teaser for what he calls a “dystopian queer buddy comedy” this morning on Twitter. The trailer introduces the two main leads of the series, establishes what brought them together, and teases what’s to come for them once the series returns.

Crowded is one of six Image series to capture a 2019 Eisner nomination for ‘Best New Series.’ A collection of the first six issues of the series is already available.
I wish more series would put together ‘trailers’ like this one. The first one I remember seeing was for Brubaker and Phillips’s original run of Criminal, and it absolutely made me want to read that series. I’ve been interested in reading Crowded since I heard the premise—’crowd-funded assassinations’ seems like the worst idea ever, but it could make for some great comedy—and after reading this trailer and getting an idea of what the series actually feels like, I’m even more interested.
Crowded #7 is due out on July 3rd, and is on Final Order Cutoff next Monday, June 10th, so if this trailer has piqued your interest you have until next week to pre-order the issue from your local comic shop.