Cartoonist Derf (birth name: John Backderf) Has been at the center of a media flurry of late with both his searing memoir My Friend Dammer and his more genial, mostly fictional Trashed optioned for films. But perhaps lost in the excitement is that the My Friend Dammer movie is cast and being filmed as we speak! And Derf was on the set.

The films is written and directed by Marc Meyers and stars Alex Wolff as Derf and Ross Lynch as Jeffrey Dahmer.

The graphic memoir tells of Derf’s high school years, and his friendship with the teenaged Dahmer. It’s smart, moving and dark and reveals a lot about what goes into the making of a monster like serial killer Dahmer. It will make an excellent film.

And Derf gets to hang around on the set.

The Trashed film isn’t quite this far along in production.


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