By Todd Allen

Today, DC confirmed the long expected move of Ivan Reis as Jim Lee’s replacement penciller on Justice League.  Joe Prado will be joining them.  As for Jim Lee, 

And for you Jim Lee fans out there, don’t worry. We’ve got some major news coming soon. While that’s all we can tease for now, New York Comic Con is only one month away …

Most of the relevant news was handed over to Buzzfeed, but the upshot is that Reis is moving over from Aquaman (where  Geoff Johns was also writing), into an Aquaman-centric Justice League arc called “Throne of Atlantis.”

Says Johns:

 story between JUSTICE LEAGUE and AQUAMAN that will have the League experiencing what Aquaman does — they’ll be caught between land and sea. With new relationships developing – like Wonder Woman and Superman – new members coming on – like Shazam! and the all-new Atom — and new threats rising — like Ocean Master & Atlantis — the Justice League will grow and change as we march towards the impending TRINITY WAR.

Ah, the constant march towards Trinity War.  How long has that been hyped/promised?  I haven’t heard of when it’s scheduled to start, though.

So there you have it.  “Shazam!” and a new Atom joining.  Another spotlight for Aquaman.  A possible pun placing Atlantis as a “rising” threat.  Big event looming.

I wonder if Jim Lee will be drawing Trinity War and if it will be announced at the New York Comic Con?


  1. Hey, Captain Marvel took off his goofy hood! That’s cool. I wonder why his lightning is white/silver instead of yellow/gold though…is that so he doesn’t get HIS lightning mixed up with The Flash’s lightning…?

  2. Reis is a good artist that is a terrible cover. They look ridiculous if that was coming at you, you would burst out laughing.

  3. Terrible news. John’s on JL has been unreadable. I stopped reading 6 months ago. And while I love Reis’ art, unfortunately he isn’t enough of an insentive for me to give it another try.

    Besides nothing happens in John’s books. A snails pace every issue with 2 scenes. Include about 4 full page shots and 2 double page shots! Then repeat every month. haha…

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