Sorry we haven’t been kibbling or bitting lately. We have a new schedule that is making blogging a bit harder than before, but it’s just a matter of living without sleep, so no problemo.


§ It’s over, internet. Kate Beaton has the higher ground has started drawing farting cats.201209130010.jpg
§ Last year artist Jason Pearson had some personal problems which attracted the attention of many on the internet. Here’s an update which has him in a much happier place, working on commissions, mostly pin-ups, instead of at the Big Two. More art and how to order one in the link.

§ A new musical based on Alison Bechdel’s FUN HOME will debut at NYC’s Public Theater this fall, with music by Jeanine Tesori (“Shrek,” “Caroline, or Change”) and book and lyrics by Lisa Kron (“Well”). We’d imagine that will be a hot ticket among many folks. Bechdel also confronted aging in a recent interview.

§ A pictorial history of the V for Vendetta mask in protests and other incidents.

§ Blogger at a crossroads over whether to buy LOVE & ROCKETS in digital or print form. Please go help him out.

§ Here is a new website which helps hook-up comics creators looking for collaborators, based on the #createcomics Twitter hashtag. It’s called

§ John Porcellino, the poetical minimalist of comics, is doing a Comics Journal Cartoonist Diary, which is like saying Henry David Thoreau is doing a Comics Journal transcendentalist diary.

§ A while ago a guy named Mario Gully did a strange comic called Ant, and now he has a strange real-life story which involves changing his name to O.M.G., arrest, selling his character, and more.

Recently I had just reported Mario Gully had been arrested due to Robbery over in Vegas. There were many lingering questions out there as to why he had been arrested, and what had become of Mario himself. On Sunday, September 2, 2012 at 1.26 pm I was contacted by Mario himself for an exclusive interview to clear the air as to what happened, and he told me he now went by the name O.M.G.

§ The nonfiction comic ECONOMIX, which we found very edifying, is ‘favorably reviewed in the Star Tribune:

Which would only be important if Goodwin succeeded — and, boy, did he. Not only did he condense hundreds of years and dozens of economic models into an engaging narrative, but he took time out to explode a few modern myths as well. For example, he says, today’s free-market advocates completely misrepresent Smith’s “Wealth of Nations,” as do many economists, who rely on ideal models that don’t take into account the real world.

§ Stan Lee recently taped an appearance for COMIC BOOK MEN and was sad Kevin Smith wasn’t on set.

Three months from his 90th birthday, Mr. Lee is the first to point out that he does not see or hear as well as he used to, and to joke self-deprecatingly about his dependence on his event coordinator, Max Anderson, who assists him at public appearances. (At one point, Mr. Lee posed like a collapsed marionette in front of Mr. Anderson and said teasingly, “I sometimes feel like a puppet.”)

§ A silly rumor going around that Viggo Mortensen will play Doctor Strange in THOR 2, but it allows us to imagine the naked knife fight scene with Yandroth.

UPDATE: Aw shucks it’s already been debunked, but we still wanted to make a naked knife fight joke.

§ Another rumor debunked is that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will have a director’s cut version which explains what happened. This is because Christopher Nolan does not film much extra stuff, but has his scripts cut the way he wants to tell the story before he shoots. That explains everything.


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