It’s been a long, long year of cons, with new ones springing up every where. The CAF season is winding up with Comic Arts LA on December 6th. A nice posted by Sophia Foster-Dimino has just been unveiled, and the exhibitor list is here. LA hasn’t been entirely successful for indie comics centered events, but with the very vibrant animation scene going on and so many cartoonists moving there to work in animation, I’m guessing the time is now for this.

Of course, con season isn’t REALLY over as you can see from this list. And there’s the Mumbai Film and Comics Convention December 19th, and the winter Comicket kicking off December 28th, and even more events listed here. AND see the next item.


  1. Bummed I can’t make it due to work, but I hope its first year goes well. Judging from the guest list and programming, it sounds like it’ll be excellent. Is anyone from the Beat planning on going?

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