ComiXology Originals continues to expand its line as writer Curt Pires announces three new series. More specifically, two brand-new series and a sequel series to 2020 release Youth. And Youth Season Two begins next week – at the same time as the physical release of season one from Dark Horse.

The new comiXology Originals series announced from Curt Pires are Lost Falls with Antonio Fuso and Pierluigi Minotti on art, and Lee Loughridge on colors; and Memoria with Sunando C on art, and Mark Dale on colors. Both are scheduled on comiXology to begin December 2022 – so you have a bit of a wait.

Here are the comiXology synopses for the newly-announced detective series:

Lost Falls

Halfway between a dream and a memory. When Detective Daniel Pynchon Wakes up in Lost Falls, on the shore with no recollection of how he got there, he struggles to piece together the events that lead him there. As he investigates the phenomenon surrounding his memory loss and the town itself, he discovers horrors both human and otherwise.”

Curt Pires


When an old, ill detective and a young burnout detective are partnered up and saddled with an unsolvable case, they begin to unravel a sprawling conspiracy that points to one thing: A serial killer who has murdered hundreds. As they further investigate the case they make discoveries that will force them to question everything and everyone they know.”

Curt Pires

Youth Season Two will be a monthly digital release beginning April 6 with first season artist Alex Diotto and the rest of the creative team returning. It picks up the super-teen drama six months after the conclusion of season one.

In the press release synopsis:

“Some of the kids are missing. Some of the kids are dead. Some of the kids are trying to do better. One thing is for certain: they’re not the only ones with powers anymore. A bold expansion to the smash hit first story, Youth Season Two will continue with the core cast as well as introduce new characters from all across the globe.”Curt Pires

The digital release of Season Two will coincide with the physical release of Youth season one from Dark Horse next week.

Curt Pires expounds on the announcements,

“I’m very excited to finally pull back the curtain and unveil these projects we’ve spent the last year in the trenches working on. With Youth Season Two, Lost Falls and Memoria, I issued a challenge to myself and my teams to make the greatest comics we could—comics that rival the greatest comics published anywhere by anyone in any format—and I’m excited to unveil the results of our labour. These books represent what I believe to be the future of comics: bold innovative genre storytelling that’s representative of our diverse and expansive modern world. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.”

Pires is also a TV producer, and has had some luck adapting his comics work to the small screen. Youth is currently in development as a TV series for Amazon Studios, and Wyrd, his Dark Horse series with Fuso and Stefano Simeone, is in development for FX with Matthew Rhys cast in the lead role.